Auto-replies aren't generated in an Office 365 dedicated High Availability (ANSI-D) environment

Consider the following scenario: 
  • In a Microsoft Office 365 dedicated High Availability (ANSI-D) environment, you set a mailbox to forward messages to an alternative recipient by using the ForwardingSMTPAddress parameter. That is, you set messages to be delivered to both the original recipient and the forwarded recipient.
  • You also set up an auto-reply of some type for the mailbox. For example, the auto-reply is a Microsoft Outlook rule or an out-of-office (OOF) message.
In this scenario, the message is forwarded as expected. However, the auto-reply isn't generated.
In Office 365 dedicated ANSI-D, the XLOOP header limit for a given message is set to one (1). This issue occurs because the following forwarding or auto-reply options increase the XLOOP header value: 
  • Forwarding by using the ForwardingSMTPAddress parameter

    Note Forwarding by using the ForwardingAddress parameter doesn't increase the XLOOP header value.
  • OOF
  • Outlook auto-reply rules
These options can't be used in combination. 
If you must use both message forwarding and an OOF message or an Outlook auto-reply rule, you should use the ForwardingAddress parameter instead of the ForwardingSMTPAddress parameter when you set up mailbox forwarding.

Note The ForwardingSMTPAddress parameter can take any valid SMTP address as an input. However, the ForwardingAddress parameter requires a Microsoft Exchange Server user object as its value. The object may be a mailbox-enabled user, a mail-enabled user, or a mail-enabled contact. If no such object exists in the Office 365 dedicated environment, you must create a new user or contact in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) for the on-premises environment and then synchronize to Office 365 through Microsoft Managed Services Service Provisioning Provider (MMSSPP). 

To set up mailbox forwarding to use an Exchange Server object, run the following cmdlets:
Set-Mailbox –ForwardingSMTPAddress $NULL
Set-Mailbox –ForwardingAddress


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