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Print queues defined with port names that begin with TS# are deleted upon server restart

Print queues are deleted upon restart of the server when the port name of the print queue begins with "TS#" ("#" is a placeholder for a number). When this occurs, the following event is generated in the Print Operational Event log:

Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-PrintService
Date:          ****
Event ID:      301
Task Category: Deleting a printer
Level:         Information
Keywords:      Classic Spooler Event,Printer
User:          SYSTEM
Computer:      <Computer Name>
Printer TS#***** was deleted, and users will no longer be able to print to this printer. No user action is required.

This behavior is by design. It is part of the Terminal Server printer clean-up functionality that is built into Windows.

Upon restart of the server, any nondefault Terminal Server printers are deleted. Specifically, a check is made against the port name of the printers that are configured on the server. Any ports that are found to be in use that begin with TS# are deleted upon server restart. This clean-up activity is only triggered upon server restart. Restarting spoolsv.exe will not trigger this activity.
To resolve this issue, do not use port names that begin with TS#.
More information
Port names that begin with TS# are reserved for Terminal Server printers.
DeletePrinter ; Deleted Print Queue ; TS Printer Removed

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Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

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