How To Use the ACComPlusVerify Tool

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ACCOMPlusVerify enumerates COM+ components and applications, checking for references to invalid components. This tool is useful for resolving Component Services problems before installing Application Center 2000. This article explains how to use the ACCOMPlusVerify tool.
ACCOMPlusVerify performs the following tasks:
  1. Determine whether or not the CLSID for the component exists in the registry.
  2. Verify the component has a non-zero-length dynamic link library (DLL) path.
-? : Displays this help message.
-a : Automatically removes applications that have no components after bad components are removed.
-c : Automatically removes components that are determined to be invalid.
-q : Quiet mode.
-v : Verbose mode.
Return values:
0: No bad components detected.
0: Bad components detected and removed (only with the -c flag).
1: Bad components detected, -c flag not specified.
2: Other error: reading COM+ catalog, reading registry, and so forth. Use -v for more information.

The following example will remove all components that are determined to be invalid and applications that have no components after bad components are removed.

From a command prompt type:
accomplusverify.exe -c -a

Download ACComPlusVerify

ACComPlusVerify is available from the following Microsoft Web page:

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