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How To Re-Create a Missing Automated System Recovery Floppy Disk in Windows XP

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This article describes how to create an Automated System Recovery (ASR) floppy disk from the media that stores the ASR backup. During an ASR backup operation, a copy of the Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files are backed up to the backup media. In the event that the ASR floppy disk is not available, both the Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files can be extracted from the ASR backup set, and then transferred to a floppy disk to be used for an ASR operation.

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Create an ASR Floppy Disk

The following steps can create an ASR floppy disk from an ASR backup operation:
  1. Format a 1.44 megabyte (MB) floppy disk and insert the disk into the floppy disk drive of the computer.
  2. In System Tools, start the Backup program. When the Backup and Restore Wizard is displayed, click Next.
  3. Click Restore Files and Settings, and then click Next.
  4. In the What to Restore dialog box, select the media that contains the ASR backup. Ensure that the media is inserted.
  5. Expand the Automated System Recovery Backup Set that corresponds to the ASR floppy disk that you want to create.
  6. Expand the second instance of the drive letter that contains the system files. Expand the Windows_folder/Repair folder.
  7. Click the following files from this repair folder: Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif, and then click Next.
  8. At the Completing Backup or Restore Wizard screen, click Advanced.
  9. At the Where to Restore screen, set the Restore Files to: dialog box to Single Folder, and then set the Folder Name dialog box to the root of your floppy drive, for example, "A:\".
  10. Click Next. The other options in this wizard are optional and do not affect the transfer of files to the floppy disk. When the wizard is finished, the files are copied to the location that you had previously specified. The ASR floppy disk is ready for use in the event of an ASR restore operation.

    NOTE: The Asr.sif and Asrpnp.sif files must reside on the root of the floppy disk drive to be used during a ASR restore operation.
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