Partner Practice Enablement: Azure Technical Training

The Partner Practice Enablement Boot Camp training starts with an introduction to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks (Infrastructure Services). It delivers the foundational knowledge needed for users intending to run new workloads in Microsoft Azure or migrate existing workloads from on-premises.

Students will be introduced to the rich features of Microsoft Azure Active Directory and see how it can be used to achieve single sign-on across cloud applications, protect application access, enforce multi-factor authentication, and integrate with Windows Server Active Directory.

The latter half of the boot camp builds on the technical knowledge from the first half, shifting to coverage of common workload scenarios for cloud computing, such as development and test, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and monitoring of workloads running in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services.

Throughout the training, students will see presentations and demos followed by recommended resources and hands-on training experiences.
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Introduction to Microsoft Azure
In this session, students will learn about the cloud and be introduced to the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Virtual Machines Introduction
In this session, students will explore creating virtual machines and managing virtual machine networking and storage.

Infrastructure Services Networking
In this session, students will learn how to enable, secure, and load balance network endpoints. Learn about hybrid connectivity options with Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks as well as distributing traffic globally with Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory
In this session, students will learn how to create and manage Microsoft Azure Active Directories and how to use Microsoft Azure AD to integrate with SaaS applications, configure multi-factor authentication, and explore available Premium features.

Management and Monitoring
In this session, students will learn how to use the Microsoft Azure PowerShell cmdlets for management and monitoring in addition to using the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Management Portal for configuring alerts and auto scale. This session will also introduce the Azure Automation service.

Introduction to Azure PaaS
In this session, students will be introduced to some of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities in Azure. Topics will include an introduction to Cloud Services, Websites, and SQL Database from the perspective of an IT professional.

SQL Server and SharePoint
In this session students will learn how to properly deploy, manage, and scale SQL Server, SQL Database, and SharePoint Server in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services. Topics such as automation, capacity planning, and high availability will be discussed.

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Targeted to IT manager and technical specialist roles at Microsoft Partner Network member organizations.

This webcast is unlimited for Action Pack, Silver and Gold Microsoft partners.


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To register, you must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and use the email address that is associated with your Microsoft Partner Network ID. To associate yourself to your company’s Microsoft Partner Network profile, follow the steps on the Simplified Association Process page. If you have issues associating to your organization's account, please submit a question in the Partner Support Community.

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