Differences between Visio 2002 Standard, Visio 2002 Professional, Visio Enterprise Network Tools (VENT), and Visio Enterprise Architect (VEA)

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This article describes differences between the following Microsoft Visio products: NOTE: For Visio 2002 product information, please visit the following Microsoft Web site:
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                                                     Visio                                                            Enterprise  Visio                                                     Network     EnterpriseDrawing Tools/Solutions      Standard  Professional  Tools       Architect---------------------------------------------------------------------------Block Diagrams                                   Basic Diagram                 X          X                       X   Block Diagram                 X          X                       X   Block Diagram with    Perspective                  X          X                       XBuilding Plans   Electric and    Telecom Plan                            X                       X   Floor Plan                               X                       X   Home Plan                                X                       X   HVAC Control Logic    Diagram                                 X                       X   HVAC Plan                                X                       X   Office Layout                 X          X                       X                                  Plant Layout                             X                       X   Plumbing and Piping Plan                 X                       X   Reflected Ceiling Plan                   X                       X   Security and Access Plan                 X                       X   Site Plan                                X                       X   Space Plan                               X                       XDatabase   Database Model Diagram                   X                       X   ER Source Model                                                  X   Express-G                                X                       X   ORM Diagram                              X   ORM Source Model                                                 X Electrical Engineering   Basic Electrical                         X                       X    Circuits and Logic                       X                       X   Industrial Control Systems               X                       X   Systems                                  X                       XFlowcharting   Audit Diagram                 X          X                       X   Basic Flowchart               X          X                       X   Cause and Effect              X          X                       X   Cross-Functional Flowchart    X          X                       X      Data Flow Diagram                        X                       X   IDEF0 Flow Diagram                       X                       X   Mind Mapping Diagram          X          X                       X   SDL Diagram                              X                       X      TQM Diagram                   X          X                       X   Work Flow Diagram             X          X                       XForms and Charts   Charts and Graphs             X          X                       X   Form Design                   X          X                       X   Marketing Charts and     Diagrams                     X          X                       XMap (Directional)   Directional Map               X          X                       X   Directional Map 3D            X          X                       XMechanical Engineering   Fluid Power                              X                       X   Part and Assembly Drawing                X                       X  Network   Active Directory                         X*          X           X*   AutoDiscovery & Layout                               X   Basic Network                 X          X                       X   LDAP Directory                           X*          X           X*   Logical Network Diagram                  X                       X    Novell Directory Services                X*          X           X*   Visio Network Equipment    Sampler                                 X                       X   Visio Network Equipment    Shapes (Web Subscription)                           X				
* This solution is limited to templates and stencils. It does not include automated data collection technology.
Network Diagram Kits**   Campus Diagrams                                      X   Enterprise Diagrams                                  X   LAN Diagrams                                         X   Rack Diagrams                                        X   Segment Diagrams                                     X   Site Diagrams                                        X   WAN Diagrams                                         X				
** These solutions are only available as part of the Visio Enterprise Network Tools (VENT) Web subscription. For addition information about VENT, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:
Organization Chart   Organization Chart            X          X                       X   Organization Chart Wizard     X          X                       XProcess Engineering   Piping and Instrumentation    Diagram                                 X                       X      Process Flow Diagram                     X                       XProject Schedule        Calendar                      X          X                       X   Gantt Chart                   X          X                       X   PERT Chart                    X          X                       X   Timeline                      X          X                       XSoftware   COM and OLE                              X                       X   Data Flow Model Diagram                  X                       X   Enterprise Application                   X                       X   Jackson                                  X                       X   Program Structure                        X                       X   ROOM                                     X                       X   UML Model Diagram                        X                       X   Window User Interface                    X                       XWeb Diagram   Conceptual Diagram                       X                       X   Web Site Map                             X                       XDeveloper Tools   Microsoft Visual Basic   for Applications (VBA) 6.3    X          X                       X   MSDE 2000                                            X               Developer's Reference         X          X                       X   UML 1.2 Notation Support                 X                       X   ODMA Support                  X          X                       X   Reverse Engineering from   Microsoft Visual Studio                  X***                    X   Code Skeleton Generation   from UML Class Diagrams                                          X   Database Reverse   Engineering                              X                       X   Database Schema Generation                                       X				
*** You must have Visio Professional 2002 Service Release 1 (SR-1) to have this capability. For additional information about Visio 2002 Service Release 1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
310474 Visio2002: How to Obtain and Install Visio 2002 Service Release 1
Import/Export Options                         Full Support (both Import and Export)                      Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)      X          X                       X   Compressed Enhanced    Metafile (*.emz)             X          X                       X   Computer Graphics    Metafile (*.cgm)             X          X                       X   Encapsulated PostScript    File (*.eps)                 X          X                       X   Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)     X          X                       X   Graphics Interchange    Format (*.gif)               X          X                       X   IGES Drawing File    Format (*.igs)               X          X                       X   JPEG File Interchange    Format (*.jpg)               X          X                       X   Macintosh PICT    Format (*.pct)               X          X                       X      Portable Network    Graphics (*.png)             X          X                       X   PostScript File (*.ps)        X          X                       X   Tagged Image File    Format (*.tif)               X          X                       X   Windows Bitmap (*.bmp; *.dib) X          X                       X   Windows Metafile (*.wmf)      X          X                       X   XML                           X          X                       X   Zsoft PC Paintbrush    Bitmap (*.pcx)               X          X                       XImport Only   ABC FlowCharter    (*.af3; *.af2)               X          X                       X   AutoCAD (*.DWG; *.DXF)   NOTE: Visio Standard 2002    can import DWG, DXF,   and DGN files. Only   Professional and Visio   Enterprise Architect can   convert these files to Visio   drawings on import, or   convert individual layers at    any time.                     X          X                       X   Bentley MicroStation    Drawing (*.dgn)              X          X                       X   CorelDRAW! Drawing File    Format (*.cdr) 3.0/4.0/5.0   X          X                       X   CorelFlow (*.cfl)             X          X                       X   Corel Clipart Format (*.cmx)  X          X                       X   Micrografx Designer     Version 3.1 (*.drw)          X          X                       X   Micrografx Designer     Version 6.0 (*.dsf)          X          X                       X   Text Files (*.txt; *.csv)     X          X                       XExport Only                  AutoCAD Drawing (*.dwg)                  X                       X   AutoCAD Interchange (*.dxf)              X                       X   Bentley MicroStation (*.dgn)             X                       X   DDL scripts                                                      X   Vector markup language (VML)  X          X                       X   Visual Basic, C++, C#, Java                                      X   Web Page (*.htm; *.html)      X          X                       X				
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Microsoft Visio 2002 Standard Edition, Microsoft Visio 2002 Professional Edition, Microsoft Visio Enterprise Network Tools, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 Enterprise Architect

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