SQL Server 2000 Cluster Setup may fail to perform required operations on the cluster nodes when special characters are used in the resource name

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During the installation of a SQL Server 2000 virtual server in a clustered environment, if some of the resources have special characters in their name, the installation may fail with the following error message:
Setup failed to perform required operations on the cluster nodes.
The error message occurs if any of the cluster resources have special characters, like the following, in their names:
  • >
  • <
  • "
  • '
  • &
  • (, )
  • +
  • Characters with a dieresis, a tilde, or a space character.
To work around this problem, follow these steps:
  • Change the name of the resources.
  • Use uppercase letters.
  • Avoid using special characters.
  • Avoid using spaces in the names of the cluster resources (network connections, group names, network adapters, and more, for example).
  • Use all uppercase or all lowercase letters for the network connections.
  • Avoid using the same name for the SQL Server groups and the SQL Server virtual network names.
Note Review the Sqlstp#.log files to check and see what resource is causing the error.
More information
Review the following files for more detail.

sqlstp#.log*********************19:18:32 [DlgVirtServer]19:18:32 Result = 119:18:32 VirtServerName = SQLVirtualName19:18:32 IpAddresses = X.X.X.X,, LAN (Local Area Network)				
Because the name contains parenthesis and spaces, change the name of the public network connection to LAN or PUBLIC to avoid the problem:
19:18:32 ShowDlgVirtualServer returned: -119:18:32 ShowDlgVirtualServer: GetLastError returned: 8719:18:32 The parameter is incorrect.sqlstp.log***********************[Server.2]NumRemoteServices=11.app=\\NODE1\E$\CDSQL~1\x86\setup\setupsql.exe1.server=NODE21.script=\\NODE1\admin$\NODE2_MSSQLSERVER.iss1.cmdlineformat=%s k=ClSec k=Rm k=Cl -SMS -s -f "\\NODE1\E$\CDSQL~1\x86\setup\setup.ins" -f1 %s -f2 "\\NODE2\admin$\setup.log" -e "stpsilnt._ex"  -x "C:\"1.user=DOMAIN\NTACCOUNT1.password=PASSWORD1.name=SQLSetup21.sqlsetup=Y1.copyexe=cnvsvc2.exe19:18:30 Setup is performing required operations on cluster nodes.  This may take a few minutes...19:18:30  C:\WINNT\TEMP\SqlSetup\Bin\remsetup.exe C:\WINNT\remsetup.ini19:19:25 Process Exit Code: (2) The system cannot find the file specified.19:19:25 Begin Action : GetRemsetupRetCode19:19:25 Installation return status on NODE1 : 219:19:25 Installation return status on NODE2 : 219:19:25 End Action : GetRemsetupRetCode#### SQL Server Remote Setup - Start Time MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS ####				

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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition

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