Description of the Windows XP Logman.exe, Relog.exe, and Typeperf.exe Tools

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This article contains a description of the Windows XP Logman.exe, Relog.exe, and Typeperf.exe command-line tools you can use in conjunction with, or separate from, System Monitor and the Performance Logs and Alerts snap-in.

All of these tools are included in all versions of Microsoft Windows XP (excluding Windows XP Home Edition), and you can run these tools from a command prompt.


You can use the Logman.exe tool to:
  • Remotely start and stop log file data collections from a central location by specifying the remote computer name.
  • Configure a data collection on one computer and then copy that configuration to multiple computers from a central location.
  • Query currently-running logs and traces.


If Sample_Log is the name of an existing performance log on the local computer, the logman start Sample_Log command starts the log.


You can use the Relog.exe tool to:
  • Convert a log from one type to another, such as a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 log to a Windows XP log, or a binary log file (.blg) to a comma-separated values (.csv) file.
  • Resample a log file, and then create a new log file that is based on specified counters, a time period, or a sampling interval.


To convert a Windows 2000 log file that is named Win2k_log to a .csv log file that is named Win2k_log.csv, you would use the relog Win2k_log.blg -f CSV -o Win2k_log.csv command.


You can use the Typeperf.exe tool to:
  • Write performance data to the command window or to a supported log file format.
  • Display all of the counters that are currently available on a particular local or remote computer.


To output the Memory counter, Available Bytes, from a remote computer that is named "XPPRO", every 5 seconds, you would use the typeperf "Memory\Available Bytes" -s XPPRO -si 00:05 command.

For more information about these tools, see the online Help, or run the command with the /? switch.
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