XADM: Exchange 2000 Server Post-SP1 Information Store Fixes

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This article lists the article numbers for Exchange 2000 Server information store bugs that were fixed after Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released.

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NOTE: Exchange 2000 Server fixes for a particular component are cumulative and contain all of the previous fixes for that component. Fixes with a particular version number contain all of the fixes that have an earlier version number.

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301378 XGEN: How to Obtain the Latest Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack
Information store fixes include the following files.

File nameCurrent version

Fixes Released on January 10, 2002

The following files are modified:
  • Cdoex.dll added an incremented to 6.0.4720.57
  • Datepicker.htc added and incremented to 6.0.4720.89
  • Davex.dll, Exoledb.dll, Exprox.dll, Jcb.dll, Mdbsz.dll, and Store.exe incremented to version 6.0.4720.96
  • Escprint.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.84
  • Excdo.dll added and incremented to 6.0.4720.96
  • Exres.dll incremented to version 6.0.5770.24
  • Pop3fe.dll and Pop3svc.dll incremented to 6.0.4720.79
The following fixes are included:
303911 XCCC: DBCS Characters in a Reply of Meeting Request Are Corrupted in OWA with Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6
304124 XADM: Information Store Stops Responding in EcSetCDOCalendar_uid
305370 XADM: Store May Crash When User Accepts Meeting Request in Outlook Web Access
306243 XADM: Information Store Stops Responding When a User Attempts to Create an Appointment with Outlook Web Access
306937 XADM: Information Store Runs Out of Memory While Processing an NDR Message
310080 XADM: Store.exe Causes an Access Violation When IMAIL Checks the Address Type
310916 XADM: When the File System Accesses Items Created in Workflow-Enabled Folders, a Bugcheck May Occur
311437 XWEB: Some Japanese Characters Become Question Marks After You Apply Q283214 Fix
313905 XCCC: Public Folders Are Not Accessible in OWA If You Change the Default Port

Fixes Released on September 7, 2001

The following files are modified:
  • Excdo.dll, Exoledb.dll, Jcb.dll, Mdbsz.dll, Store.exe incremented to version 6.0.4720.50
  • Exnntp.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.48
  • Eximap4.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.44
  • Imap4fe.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.43
  • Febecfg.dll, Iisproto.dll, Imap4svc.dll, Pop3svc.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.42
  • Expop3.dll, Exproto.dll, Imap4be.dll, Pop3be.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.29
  • Iisif.dll, Pop3fe.dll incremented to version added and 6.0.4720.26
  • Mdbrest.dll added and incremented to version 6.0.4720.15
The following fixes are included:
302236 Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0 and Dreamweaver UltraDev and Drag and Drop
302965 XIMS: IMAP SEARCH Command Not Finding Some Internet Header Information
303513 XCON: How to Modify the POP or IMAP Banner
303709 XADM: Send As Rights Are Granted by Default to Local Administrators and Domain Admins Groups
303985 XIMS: "Preserve Sender's Display Name" Option Does Not Work in Exchange 2000 Server SP1
304122 XADM: User Receives Duplicate Mail
304130 XCON: Inetinfo.exe Stops Responding After Multiple APPENDs to a Folder Name
304131 XADM: Delegate Unable to Send a Message or Gain Access to Manager's Mailbox with Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1
304223 XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe Because of Malformed TNEF Stream
304233 XADM: High CPU Use by Store.exe on Exchange 2000 Server SP1 Computer
304476 XADM: Move User Procedure Does Not Move Users Because of Corrupted ACLs
304552 XADM: Store Crash While Determining User Rights for a Folder
306140 XADM: IMAP4 Front-End Servers Drop the Connection to IMAP4 Clients
306270 XADM: Information Store Stops Unexpectedly While Processing SMTP Mail

Fixes Released on July 6, 2001

The following files are modified:
  • Emsmdb32.dll incremented to version 6.0.4720.08
  • Excdo.dll, Exoledb.dll, Jcb.dll, Store.exe incremented to version 6.0.4720.11
  • Imap4svc.dll, Pop3svc.dll incremented to version 6.0.4720.03
  • Mdbsz.dll incremented to version 6.0.4720.05
The following fixes are included:
296937 XADM: Information Store Does Not Set Permissions Correctly on Public Web Store Folders
302925 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server SP1 User Mailbox Store Notification Does Not Work
302456 XADM: Item Count Incorrect for Messages with Permissions Modified by Using Drive M
301012 QFE: PTSP2HOT: 182095 needs to be ported to PTSP2HOT - Reply/Forward messages default sender is delegate even when sendas permission is given
301014 QFE: PTSP2HOT: 184900 needs to be ported to PTSP2HOT - Move Mailbox: Error: Opening destination mailbox. The information store could not be opened.
301027 QFE: PTSP2HOT: 183831 needs to be ported to PTSP2HOT - Message cannot open via OWA and IFS.

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