Information about changes to folder sharing options in SharePoint Online

This article contains information about changes that have been made to folder sharing options in SharePoint Online.
Changes were made to the folder sharing behavior in SharePoint Online. Before this update, folder sharing shared only the contents of the folder that inherited permissions from the folder. The new changes lets users share all contents (even uniquely permissioned contents) in a folder when they share a folder. To do this, select the Share everything in this folder, even items with unique permissions check box in the sharing dialog box for a folder.

Users can opt out of this new behavior by clearing the Share everything in this folder, even items with unique permissions check box. This lets the user share only the folder and content that inherits permission. The basic permissions model is unchanged. Also, this feature doesn't change a user's ability to share or discover content that they don't have access to.

Note This feature is currently being deployed to SharePoint Online. If you don’t see this option yet, wait for your organization to receive the latest update.

Screen shot of the folder sharing screen in SharePoint Online
A file or a folder that inherits permissions from a parent folder will have the same permissions as the parent folder. A file or a folder can have unique permissions if the user shares it with new users, creates an anonymous guest link, or manually stops inheriting permissions.

For more information about permission inheritance, go to the following Microsoft website:
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