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RPC Interfaces That Are Exposed by Secure Mail Publishing in ISA Server 2000

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This article lists the Microsoft Exchange-related universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) that are exposed when you server publish an Exchange server by using the Exchange RPC Server Protocol definition. This definition is defined by the RPC Filter application filter.
The Secure Mail Server Wizard creates a Server Publishing rule for Exchange RPC interfaces. The following RPC interfaces are published by this rule:
  • {99E64010-B032-11D0-97A4-00C04FD6551D}: "Store admin (1)"
  • {89742ACE-A9ED-11CF-9C0C-08002BE7AE86}: "Store admin (2)"
  • {A4F1DB00-CA47-1067-B31E-00DD010662DA}: "Store admin (3)"
  • {A4F1DB00-CA47-1067-B31F-00DD010662DA}: "Store EMSMDB"
  • {9E8EE830-4459-11CE-979B-00AA005FFEBE}: "MTA"
  • {1A190310-BB9C-11CD-90F8-00AA00466520}: "Database"
  • {F5CC5A18-4264-101A-8C59-08002B2F8426}: "Directory NSP"
  • {F5CC5A7C-4264-101A-8C59-08002B2F8426}: "Directory XDS"
  • {F5CC59B4-4264-101A-8C59-08002B2F8426}: "Directory DRS"
  • {38A94E72-A9BC-11D2-8FAF-00C04fA378FF}: "MTA 'QAdmin'"
  • {0E4A0156-DD5D-11D2-8C2F-00C04FB6BCDE}: "Information Store (1)"
  • {1453C42C-0FA6-11D2-A910-00C04F990F3B}: "Information Store (2)"
  • {10F24E8E-0FA6-11D2-A910-00C04F990F3B}: "Information Store (3)"
  • {1544F5E0-613C-11D1-93DF-00C04FD7BD09}: "Directory RFR"
  • {F930C514-1215-11D3-99A5-00A0C9B61B04}: "System Attendant Cluster"
  • {83D72BF0-0D89-11CE-B13F-00AA003BAC6C}: "System Attendant Private"
  • {469D6EC0-0D87-11CE-B13F-00AA003BAC6C}: "System Attendant Public Interface"
You can configure custom RPC protocols by using COM. You can do this to publish fewer (or more) RPC interfaces. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services Developer Support for help with programming issues such as this.

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Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 Standard Edition

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