Hotfix 3053964 is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail 2012 R3

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail 2012 R3 for all regions.
This article describes hotfix 3053964, which fixes several issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail 2012 R3. This hotfix fixes the following problems:

  • Loyalty cards are automatically added to the cart when the customer has multiple loyalty cards.
  • In Modern POS, you cannot pick up a variant if the product is not assorted to the store.
  • In Modern POS, newly added loyalty cards are not being updated on the customer card in the transaction.
  • In Modern POS, when you scroll through paged data, the transaction grid in Show journal shows empty rows.
  • The DateTime parameter on GetDiscountCodesByKeyword() causes backward-compatibility issues in OData version 4.
  • Fixes the following issues about info codes in Modern POS:
    • In Modern POS, a customer info code does not display the prompt to the cashier.
    • In Modern POS, adding a customer with an item that is associated with a customer info code causes the application to stop responding.
    • In Modern POS, a null reference exception occurs when the info code on a return transaction is blank.
    • In Modern POS, if an info code is set so that input is not required, canceling the info code creates an empty line in the comments section.
    • In Modern POS, you cannot change the info code for the total discount percent after it is entered.
    • In Modern POS, the print configuration settings on info codes are not considered.
    • In Modern POS, if the customer on a customer order is assigned to an info code, the order cannot be picked up.
    • The behavior of Minimum length, Maximum length, Minimum value, and Maximum value settings is not consistent across Retail POS and Modern POS.
    • The Return transaction and Return product info code operations are not consistent across Retail POS and Modern POS.
    • During a return in Modern POS, an item purchased with a line discount prompts the cashier to enter the discount info code again.
    • Modern POS fails to get product rules and freezes when an Input required info code input is added to an existing product and added to the transaction.
  • Modern POS does not support display of invoice customer information like Retail POS does.
  • In Modern POS, the recent purchases list for a customer includes returned products.
  • In Modern POS, performance of customer orders is slow.
  • An application error occurs when you accept a card payment on Modern POS.

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Restart requirement

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File information

The global version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.
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File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatformService branch
Aximpactanalysis.exeNot Applicable62,13631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axupdate.exeNot Applicable62,12031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Clientoba32.mspNot Applicable24,596,48027-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Clientoba64.mspNot Applicable24,653,82427-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Commercedataexchangeasyncclient.mspNot Applicable2,748,41627-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Commercedataexchangeasyncserver.mspNot Applicable737,28027-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Commercedataexchangereal-timeservice.mspNot Applicable1,040,38427-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Components32.mspNot Applicable20,135,93627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Components64.mspNot Applicable38,211,58427-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Dixf_service32.mspNot Applicable405,50427-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Dixf_service64.mspNot Applicable405,50427-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Helpserver64.mspNot Applicable880,64027-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Objectserver32.mspNot Applicable9,347,07227-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Objectserver64.mspNot Applicable11,395,07227-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailchanneldatabase.mspNot Applicable1,130,49627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retaildatabaseutility.mspNot Applicable2,330,62427-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailhardwarestation.mspNot Applicable1,929,21627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailheadquarters32.mspNot Applicable4,386,81627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailheadquarters64.mspNot Applicable4,386,81627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailmodernpos.mspNot Applicable22,675,45627-Apr-201506:46Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailonlinechannel.mspNot Applicable140,939,26427-Apr-201506:48Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailpos.mspNot Applicable19,308,54427-Apr-201506:46Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailsaltutility32.mspNot Applicable176,12827-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailsaltutility64.mspNot Applicable307,20027-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailscaleoutdeployment.mspNot Applicable20,033,53627-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailsdk.mspNot Applicable160,313,34427-Apr-201506:46Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Retailserver.mspNot Applicable2,113,53627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Setupsupport32.mspNot Applicable7,184,38427-Apr-201506:46Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Setupsupport64.mspNot Applicable14,704,64027-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Uspayroll32.mspNot Applicable86,01627-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableUSP
Uspayroll64.mspNot Applicable6,311,93627-Apr-201506:43Not ApplicableUSP
Vstools32.mspNot Applicable1,146,88027-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Vstools64.mspNot Applicable1,146,88027-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Warehouse.mspNot Applicable69,63227-Apr-201506:42Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Axsetupsp.exe6.3.1000.21892,005,68014-Apr-201502:10x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsplib.dll6.3.1000.218993,88014-Apr-201502:10x86Not Applicable
Axsetupui.exe6.3.1000.2189363,69614-Apr-201502:10x86Not Applicable
Axutillib.dll6.3.164.564978,60819-Apr-201406:58x86Not Applicable
Microsoft.dynamics.servicing.dependencypackage.dll6.3.164.354640,18419-Oct-201406:00x86Not Applicable
Microsoft.dynamics.servicing.graphlibrary.dll6.3.164.238445,80026-Aug-201404:00x86Not Applicable
Microsoft.dynamics.servicing.operations.dll6.3.164.238444,26426-Aug-201404:00x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284518,84031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284498,36031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284506,55231-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284494,26431-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284494,26431-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284510,64831-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284506,55231-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284498,36031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284518,84031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284498,36031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284494,26431-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284498,36031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284502,45631-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284539,32031-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284494,26431-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284567,99231-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
Axsetupsp.resources.dll6.3.1000.284486,07231-Oct-201422:15x86Not Applicable
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