Outlook 2000 stops responding at the startup splash screen

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When you try to start Outlook 2000, it stops responding at the startup splash screen. Outlook 2000 does start as expected if you type the following command-line switch in the Run dialog box:
Outlook.exe /safe
This behavior may occur if an Outlook .dat file is damaged.
To resolve this behavior, rename some of the .dat files, and then restart Outlook 2000. To do this:
  1. Locate and then rename the following files:
    • The Views.dat file

      Note The Views.dat file may not exist on some systems. This file is only generated when you create a custom view.
    • The Outcmd.dat file

      Note When you rename the Outcmd.dat file, all menu customizations are removed, except for the customizations that you created with Component Object Model (COM) add-ins.
    • The Extend.dat file
    • The Frmcache.dat file
  2. Start and then quit Outlook 2000 to re-create the files that you renamed in step 1.

    Note You may have to create custom views and menu items because they are not stored in the Windows Registry.
To work around this behavior, type the following command-line switch in the Run dialog box to start Outlook 2000 in Safe mode:
Outlook.exe /safe
More information
If Outlook 2000 does not start when you use the /safe command-line switch, there may be other factors that are causing Outlook 2000 to stop responding. Verify the network connectivity, confirm that the personal folders (.pst) file that is used by Outlook 2000 is available on a healthy hard disk volume, and confirm that the server contains your mailbox and is available on the network.
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