How to earn incentives for Usage Incentive Program

This article provides information on how to earn incentives for Online Usage Incentive Program.
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Usage incentives Office 365: This incentive is based on active entitlements at the workload level. Incentives will pay on the following Office 365 workloads:

-   Exchange Online (ExO)

-   SharePoint Online (SpO)

-   Skype for Business (SfB)

-   ProPlus is also available in standalone and certain bundled Office 365 products.

Active Entitlement is the unique count of users, by workload, that have taken an intentional action within that workload in the past 28 days. This period is rolling. Some sample intentional actions include sending, forwarding or replying to emails via Exchange Online; uploading or downloading a file; creating or editing a site via SharePoint Online; participating in an IM or Skype call via Skype for Business.

Microsoft Intune: A customer will be considered actively using if they meet one of the following criteria:

o The customer has deployed a Microsoft Intune agent on a PC

o The customer has assigned a Microsoft Intune license to a user and has at least one mobile device/PC associated with the licensed user.

AADP: A customer will be considered be actively using AADP if they meet one of the below criteria. The largest number from the below will be taken into consideration for the incentive:

-   number of Licensed Users Accessing at least one 3rd party App

-   number of Licensed Users Registered for Self- service password reset

-   number of Licensed users enabled for MFA

Partners may not earn incentives, and below are some of the possible reasons.

Revenue not considered for this incentive

· Trial or open type subscriptions beta subscription product types.

· Dedicated Office 365 where the hardware in the Microsoft datacenter is “dedicated” to the end customer and is not shared; a direct offer with the customer.

Eligible revenue

Eligible revenue is determined by the SKU value listed on the Online Services Usage rate card on MPN at SKUs that are not listed are not eligible for this incentive.

Office 365: Is a product of the active entitlements and the rate card value of the associated SKU 6

Microsoft Intune is a product of the licenses deployed and the rate card value for Microsoft Intune

AADP is a product of the active users and the rate card value of AADP

Public Sector

Partners may not earn Online Services Usage incentives for subscriptions involving Public Sector customers if the customer resides in one of the restricted countries listed in the Public Sector Country Ineligibility List, located on MPN


Instances where partners are not eligible

Partners in markets where Microsoft Online Services are not available are not eligible for Online Services Usage incentives regardless of where the sale occurs.

A partner or any partner affiliate entity is not eligible to earn Online Services Usage Incentive for any services where the partner or Microsoft is the end customer.

Other Restrictions

These incentives are not offered in the People’s Republic of China.

See Online Services Usage Incentives Implementation Guide for more details.

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