Right margin cut off in emails for RM Statement Word Template as PDF in Microsoft Dynamics GP

There have been seen some formatting issues in Support around the RM Statement Word Template when they are emailed as PDF. Ultimately, the body of the RM Statements gets reduced by about an inch on the right side, and part of the page gets cut off if you email your RM statements templates as PDF. The amount Due will also get cut off, as well as the outstanding balances. (screenshots below) This does not occur when sending as DOCX.
This occurs with our standard Word Template, and Modified Word Templates that were based on the standard one at some point.  This issue has been found in the following versions:
  • Versions 14.00.0778 or higher of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2
  • Versions 12.00.1920 or higher of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2
WORK-AROUND:  Use the following options as work-arounds:

Option 1: Use the following steps to auto-fit the column and leave as pdf: 

1. Select all cells in the table in the body of the document in Report Writer. (ie. highlight the 'body' section of the document in the Report Layout.)

2. Right click and select AutoFit > Fixed Column Width

3. Save the changes.

4. Import in the modified template.

5. Assign the new template to your company and set as the default.

Option 2: Send the document in .docx instead.

More information
This issue has also been documented in the following Blog article and includes screenprints:


This issue will be considered for a fix in a future service pack. (per TFS #86927)
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