Automatic Record Creation Rules fail when the sender of the Email is a Contact and a User in CRM: "You should specify a parent Contact or Account."

Automatic Record Creation Rules fail when the sender of the Email is a Contact and a User in CRM. When you open the Rule Item System Job, you will see if fails with the following error: "You should specify a parent Contact or Account."
This is a known issue and is scheduled to be fixed in a September CRM Online update.
Once this fix has been applied to the CRM Online organization, it will be required to disable the Automatic Record Creation Rule, delete the Case Creation Step in the Rule Item, and recreate the Case Creation Step. This must be done, as the fix includes new Dynamic Value slugs to be created in the out-of-box Customer and Contact fields. To do this:

1. Go to Settings| Service Management| Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules

2. Click the checkmark next to the Rule and select Deactivate

3. Then, open the Automatic Record Creation Rule

4. Select to open the specified Rule Item

5. Under Actions, select the Create Case step and click Delete this Step. Save the form

6. Re-add the action to Create Case

7. Click on Set Properties and re-add any custom mappings. The out-of-box Customer and Contact fields will automatically populate to {null(Channel Properties)}. This value must remain, in order for the Email resolution to correctly correlate to the Contact or Account. If this value is changed, it cannot be reset manually and the Create Case step must be deleted and recreated again.

8. Save the form

9. Re-enable the Automatic Record Creation Rule
More information
The current design of Automatic Record Creation Rules will not resolve the sender of an Email if it only exists as a User in CRM. It must also exist as a Contact or Account and can be created as a Contact automatically when received. To automatically create the sender of the Email as a Contact, select the Create records for email from unknown senders checkbox in the Automatic Record Creation Rule. If this box is unmarked, the email address will be unresolved and the rule will not be triggered. For additional information, see the link below:

Automatically create a case from an email
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