How to Find Incentive Guidelines for Commercial Distributor in FY16

This article provides clarification on how to find incentive guidelines for Commercial Distributor Program in FY16.
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In order to download incentives guidelines for Commercial Distributor Program in FY16 please follow below steps:

- Go to MPN Portal by accessing following link:

There will be below page displayed:

- Click on Small and Medium Business incentives and choose Commercial Distributor incentives

- You will find there the following files:         

· Commercial Distributor incentives overview

· Commercial Distributor incentives guide

· Commercial Distributor incentives implementation guide

· Commercial Distributor incentive resources (among others: FY16 Distributor Solutions Accelerator L200 Training or Commercial Distributor FAQs).

If you would like to find information about cooperative marketing funds (Coop) specifically and how to use them, please click on Coop instead of Small and Medium Business incentives:

You will find there following files:

· FY16 Partner Incentives Coop Guidebook

· FY16 Coop utilization guidance

· FY16 Certification Statement and Report (CSR) Template

· FY16 List of Approved Conferences

· FY16 On-Site Champ Form.

Additional operational training for Commercial Distributor incentives is available on Microsoft Readiness online.

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