QA: What's the difference between Revolution R, Revolution R Enterprise and CRAN R?

Revolution R and Revolution R Enterprise are distributions of CRAN R, created by Revolution Analytics, Inc. While CRAN R is at the cutting edge of R development and research, Revolution R is designed for commercial use, where stability and performance may be preferred to early access to new functionality. 

Revolution R Enterprise has a less-frequent release cycle than CRAN R. We create a new update of Revolution R Enterprise only when significant updates have accumulated in CRAN R, and they been have proven stable by the R community. Our policy is to base Revolution R Enterprise on the most last stable point-release of CRAN R. 

Revolution R Enterprise is built with high-performance compilers and computational libraries to optimize processing speed, especially on multi-core systems. 

Revolution R Enterprise is packaged with a different installer than CRAN R, to make it easier to deliver in environments managed by commercial IT organizations. 

Revolution R Enterprise comes with additional documentation compared to CRAN R, to make it easier for new R users to become productive with Revolution R Enterprise more quickly. 

Revolution R Enterprise is backed by the expertise of the Revolution Analytics staff, who provide additional resources (including this forum, and the Revolutions blog) and manage the Inside R site.
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