How to pause plots in R

I have a script running fine in RRE 7.4.0 and the script generates 4 histograms. When histogram1 is generated, I can see it in the R Graphics Device window but then when histogram2, 3 and 4 are generated in sequence, I can only see the last one, histogram4. I do not see a way to navigate and do a Page Up/Down and see all 4.

Is there some option can initialize this option at the start of my script?

Sample <- function(){ # Opens a window and starts recording windows(record=TRUE) op <- par(ask=TRUE) on.exit(par(op))# Simple set of 5 plots - you can add you plotting code herefor (i in 1:5){ plot(1:i) } #Stops recording. windows.options(record=FALSE) }

Once you execute this, you can push <enter> or click next to through the slides. Once they are all rendered, you can page up or down to navigate.
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