Message "Please wait while Windows configures > Revolution R Enterprise-OSS-64,"

I installed Revolution R some time ago on my 64-bit Windows Vista laptop and it was working fine. When I just tried to use it, a window appeared, entitled "Revolution R Enterprise-OSS-64" with the message "Please wait while Windows configures Revolution R Enterprise-OSS-64," along with a file-choose dialog box with title "Select the installation package for Revolution R Enterprise-OSS-64."
It's not obvious to me what file I should choose, and the same windows opened when I tried again after a reboot. 
Based on your description of what is happening it looks like your current installation has gone bad. I suggest reinstalling the software. If you have any R documents or files to backup, you should still be able
to launch the software via Windows Explorer by navigating to the 'C:\Revolution\Revo64\R-2.7.2\bin' directory and double-clicking either 'Rgui.exe' or 'Rterm.exe' to open the program.You can then use the R command 'save()' to backup any R objects to a Rdata file in your current R working directory.

Try uninstalling the software via the 'Start | Programs | Revolution R | Uninstall Revolution R' menu. If you have problems with this let me know.
You may need to do a manual uninstall and reinstall in that case, which can be bit difficult.
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