Mapreduce job failure: "Expected exactly 6 arguments..."

When running a Revolution R Enterprise script in a Hadoop compute context, the mapreduce task fails with an error similar to:
2014-12-08 18:19:26,553 WARN [main] util.NativeCodeLoader (<clinit>(62)) - Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform... using builtin-java classes where applicable

DEBUG: allArgs = [-Dmapred.reduce.tasks=1, /user/RevoShare/user/4004D2ACAA984048920BDC7A87FA823D/.input, /user/RevoShare/user/4004D2ACAA984048920BDC7A87FA823D/IRO.iro, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201201.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201202.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201203.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201204.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201205.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201206.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201207.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201208.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201209.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201210.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201211.csv, /user/RevoShare/AirOnTimeCSV2012/airOT201212.csv, , 8020, /usr/bin/Revoscript]

Expected exactly 6 arguments: <inputObjectPath> <objectObjectPath> <inputFile> <nameNode> <port> <revoPath>

HadoopMR output object '/user/RevoShare/user/4004D2ACAA984048920BDC7A87FA823D/IRO.iro' does not exist. Job has failed.

Error in rxCall("RxSummary", params) :

Error: Error in rxCall("RxSummary", params) :
This error is generally caused by a mismatched version of or missing scaleR-hadoop-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar and should normally be found in /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/ as a result of a properly installing Revolution R Enterprise in a Hadoop cluster. Confirm that all instances of scaleR-hadoop-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar in the cluster are the version matching the release of Revolution R Enterprise and are not left over from installations of older releases. Also confirm they are in the proper locations to be found in the library path in the Hadoop/RRE environment. Refer to the Revolution R Hadoop Configuration Guide for more information.
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