Performance degraded after upgrading to 7.4

You may have experienced degraded performance running DeployR Enterprise with Revolution R Enterprise 7.4.0 on Linux. This is due to a compiler option in RRE 7.4.0. To remediate this problem, you’ll need to install a patched version for RRE 7.4.0 as described in the following steps.

 1. Stop DeployR


 2. Uninstall RRE 7.4 as root using the uninstallation instructions provided with RRE.

     cd /usr/lib64/Revo-7.4


 3. Install RRO-8.0.3 as root using the installers and instructions available here.

 4. Install RRE Connector as root

 Note: You must override the default path. For example, use /usr/lib64/RRO-8.0.3  when asked for path to R.

 tar xzf Revolution-R-Connector-7.4.0-RHEL6.tar.gz

 cd rrconn


 5. Install RRE Enterprise as root.

 Note: You must override the default path. For example, use /usr/lib64/RRO-8.0.3  when asked for path to R.

 tar xzf Revolution-R-Enterprise-7.4.0-RHEL6.tar.gz

 cd rrent

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