Apache Tomcat service left behind by DeployR uninstaller on Windows

When uninstalling DeployR 7.x on Windows, the DeployR servicesApache-Tomcat-for-DeployR-7.x


RServe7.xshould be removed from the system.

Apache-Tomcat-for-DeployR-7.x service may fail to be uninstalled cleanly, leaving behind the service definition in the Windows Services console. This service is unstartable. Upon reinstallation of DeployR, there will be two instances of the Apache Tomcat service.
Remove the incorrect service definition from Windows Services:
  1. Prior to reinstalling DeployR, launch a Windows Command Line using "Run As Administrator"
  2. Issue the command
    C:\> sc delete Apache-Tomcat-for-DeployR-7.x
  3. Verify service is removed using the command
    C:\> sc queryex type= service state= all | find "DeployR"
    The command should return nothing.
Note: this problem is due to an installation bug fixed post-7.2.
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