Enabling tracing for DeployR 7.2 for Linux Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting DeployR problems, it is often necessary to collect the production.log that includes debug level information to provide more detail on the problem. By default, the production.log logs only 'error' and 'info' level messages. To enable debug level tracing for the DeployR production.log on Linux and collect useful diagnostic information, do the following:
  1. Stop the Apache Tomcat daemon:
    # /opt/deployr/7.2.0/tomcat/tomcat7.sh stop
  2. Edit /opt/deployr/7.2.0/deployr/deployr.groovy and change the two occurrences of the word 'info' in the log4j stanza to 'debug'.
        root {        info 'stdout', 'logfile'    }    info	'com.revo.phoenix'
        root {        debug 'stdout', 'logfile'    }    debug	'com.revo.phoenix'
    Save the deployr.groovy file.
  3. Restart the Apache Tomcat daemon:
    /opt/deployr/7.2.0/tomcat/tomcat7.sh start
  4. Recreate the reported DeployR problem.
  5. As in step 1, stop the Apache Tomcat daemon to flush all messages to the production.log file.
  6. Run the support data collection tool, /opt/deployr/7.2.0/diagnostic/diagnostics.sh. This tool (new in DeployR 7.2) will collect the debug production.log among other diagnostic information useful for troubleshooting and package it into C/opt/deployr/7.2.0/diagnostic/diagnostics.tar.gz. Provide this diagnostics.tar.gz file to support.
  7. Edit /opt/deployr/7.2.0/deployr/deployr.groovy and restore the logging level from 'debug' to 'info' to reduce production.log output. Restart the Apache Tomcat daemon.
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