How can I impute the values of a variable in an XDF file?

One way to accomplish this is to use 'rxDataStep' and the 'impute' function from the R package 'Hmisc'.


Here is some sample R code to impute the average cost per claim: <- data.frame(AgeLevel=factor(c(rep("17-20",4),      rep("21-24",4),rep("25-29",4),rep("30-34",4),      rep("35-39",4),rep("40-49",4),rep("50-59",4),      rep("60+",4))), = factor(rep(c("A","B","C","D"),8)),      Veh.Age=factor(rep(c(rep("0-3",4),rep("4-7",4),rep("8-9",4),      rep("10+",4)),2)),      AvgCost.claim = c(289,372,189,763,282,249,288,850,133,288,179,              NA,160,11,NA,NA,302,420,268,407,194,243,343,320,135,196,293,205,166,135,104,NA),   claims.weights = c(8,10,9,3,8,28,13,2,4,1,1,0,1,1,0,0,18,59,44,24,31,96,39,18,10,13,7,2,4,3,2,0)) rxDataFrameToXdf(data =, outFile = "")  install.packages("Hmisc") library(Hmisc)  rxDataStep(inData = "", outFile = "", transforms = list(AvgCost.claim.New = impute(AvgCost.claim)),  transformPackages = "Hmisc")  rxSummary( + AvgCost.claim, data = "", fweights ="claims.weights")
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