Error message - ERROR: Line length is too long! Error in rxCall("Rx_ImportDataSource",params)

I want to use rxImport function Import a csv file to xdf,  the file,which have more than 25 thousand columns and I get these error messages:

ERROR: Line length is too long! 
Error in rxCall("Rx_ImportDataSource",params)
With RRE, you can manage wide datasets such as this through some switches -

You can set the max-ppsize flag when starting R in order to use functions.

For example, using R directly (i.e., rgui.exe or rterm.exe), set the max-ppsize=500000 when you type R: R --max-ppsize=500000.

On Windows with the RPE, set the max-ppsize flag in the call to the RevoIDE executable: RevoIDE.exe /RCommandLine --max-ppsize=500000.
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