HOW TO: Use SAX to Validate XML Data in Visual C++

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This step-by-step article describes how to use Simple API for XML (SAX) to validate XML data in Microsoft Visual C++.

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Discussion of the Saxxsdvalid.exe File

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
The Saxxsdvalid.exe file contains the following files:

File nameSize
Saxxsd.dsp 5K

Saxxsdvalid.exe demonstrates how to use SAX to validate XML data with XSD schema and to receive all validation errors in Visual C++. This sample implements the ISAXErrorHandler interface to receive errors that the SAX reader generates.

Saxxsdvalid.exe does the following:
  1. Creates a schema cache object and sets appropriate flags with the SAX reader in the main function, as follows:
                //Create the schema cache.            IXMLDOMSchemaCollectionPtr pSchemaCache;            CHR(pSchemaCache.CreateInstance(__uuidof(XMLSchemaCache40)));            //Add a schema to the schema cache.            CHR(pSchemaCache->add(L"", _variant_t("po.xsd")));              //Turn on the validation feature.            CHR(pReader->putFeature(L"schema-validation",VARIANT_TRUE));            //Receive all validation errors.            CHR(pReader->putFeature(L"exhaustive-errors", VARIANT_TRUE));            //Associate the schema cache with the SAX reader.            CHR(pReader->putProperty(L"schemas", _variant_t(pSchemaCache.GetInterfacePtr())));					
  2. Outputs the error to the console window in the error event handler of the SAXXSDErrorHandler class, as follows:
         int m, n;     HRESULT hr = pLocator->getLineNumber(&m);     hr = pLocator->getColumnNumber(&n);     wprintf(L"\n %ld \n line : %ld column : %ld\n  %s\n", hrErrorCode,m, n, pwchErrorMessage);     printf("\n");     // Return S_OK to continue the parsing.     return S_OK;					
  3. Outputs the fatal error in the fatal error event handler of the SAXXSDErrorHandler class, as follows:
         wprintf(L"\n fatal Error %ld \n line : %d column : %d\n  %s\n", hrErrorCode,pLocator->getLineNumber, pLocator->getColumnNumber, pwchErrorMessage);     return hrErrorCode;					
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Use SAX to Validate XML Data

To use SAX to validate XML data, follow these steps:
  1. Unzip the Saxxsdvalid.exe file.
  2. Compile and run the application.Validation errors such as the following are printed on the console window:
    Parsing document: po.xml
    line : 1 column : 79
    Required attribute 'confirmDate' is missing.

    line : 29 column : 16
    Element content is invalid according to the DTD/Schema.
    Expecting: {}comment.
xdr dtd Saxxsdvalid

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