Description of the issues that are fixed in Outlook 2002 by the Office XP Service Pack 1

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP1). This article describes the issues fixed for Microsoft Outlook.

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307843 OFFXP: Overview of the Office XP Service Pack 1
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Outlook 2002 Issues Fixed by Office XP Service Pack 1

The update fixes the issues described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. In addition, this article summarizes other fixed issues.
254714 BUG: Sort Method May Sort Incorrectly with Recurring Appointments
289584 OL: Outlook Does Not Prompt to Send Update When You Select or Clear 'Allow External Attendees' Check Box
290025 OL2002: Delay Occurs When You Open a Message in Outlook 2002 with Instant Messaging Enabled
293058 OL2002: Error Message: MAPI Was Unable to Load the Information Service PSTPRX.DLL
295407 OL2002: Outlook Incorrectly Signs Message with Archived Certificate
296384 OL: Outlook 2000 in Internet Only Mode Does Not Send IMAP 'LOGOUT' Command to End Server Session
297079 OL2002: E-mail Message in Japanese Plain Text Is Unreadable
297115 OL2002: The IMAP Password Is Not Retained in the Same Session
297821 OL2002: MAPI Breaks IExchangeExportChanges Interface
299374 OL2002: IMAP Logon Defaults the Focus to the 'User Name' Field
299485 OL2002: Excessive Network Traffic When Cancel Request Dialog Box Appears
299807 OL2002: IExchangeManageStore Interface Yields an Access Violation for Both the GetMailboxTable and the GetPublicFolderTable Methods
300550 OL2002: Overview of Outlook 2002 Update: June 21, 2001
300551 OL2002: Overview of the Outlook 2002 Public Update: October 4, 2001
301393 OL2002: Insufficient Rights to Browse the Directory on an LDAP Server
301414 OL2002: Outlook 2002 Blocks ASX File Attachments
301475 OL2002: User Is Prompted for Password That Is Already Saved
302366 OL2002: Outlook Today Displays the Incorrect Date for Tasks
302849 OL2002: Item Count Incorrect for Messages with Modified Permissions
303526 OL202: Cannot Export Only One Day from Calendar
303825 OL2002: Overview of the Outlook 2002 Update: Aug 16, 2001
303835 OL2002: The Outlook View Control Exposes Unsafe Functionality
303865 OL2002: Change Password Dialog Box Does Not Automatically List Name of Exchange Server
303975 OL2002: The Exchange Client Extension 'IExchExtCallBack::SetRecipients' Call Does Not Update the User Interface
304008 OL2002: Cannot Send SMTP Mail Messages by Using a POP3 Account and SSL
304234 OL2002: Error Message When You Use a Signature Certificate in the Security Settings
304573 OL2002: Outlook Does Not Support the UPN Logon Method to a Windows 2000 Domain
304863 OL2002: Mail Delivery to Inbox Stops When the Personal Folder or Offline Folder Is Full
304956 OL2002: Directory Service Proxy Outages Cause Outlook 2002 Connectivity Issues
305090 OL2002: Message Is Delayed in Outbox When You Reply to a Message in a Team or Group Mailbox
305108 OL2002: Error Message When You Copy a File to a PST That Exceeds 1.82 GB
305112 OL2002: Error Message When You Try to Update Free/Busy Data
305316 OL2002: Outlook Displays a New Contact Name Incorrectly
305403 OL2002: Error Message: The Form You Have Selected...Cannot Be Displayed, Please Contact Your Administrator
305572 OL2002: You Cannot Receive New E-mail Notifications in Environments That Use the Network Address Translation
305637 OL: Bullets Change into Numbers When Outlook 2002 User Replies
305700 OL2002: Access Violation When You Import an .SC2 File with More Than 255 Attendees in One of the Appointments
305807 OL2002: A Japanese-Language Message in the Body of a Message May Be Unreadable in Outlook 2002
306772 OL2002: Personal Distribution Lists That Contain Hyphens Do Not Resolve Properly
307386 OL2002: Messages That You Send While You Are Working Offline Are Moved to the Sent Items Folder When You synchronize the Offline Folder
307472 OL2002: Recipients Cannot Read Messages When 168-Bit (3DES) Encryption Is Enabled
307592 OL2002: Fields Truncate When You Direct Book a Schedule+ 7.5 Resource
307594 OL2002: Users Can Read Nonsecure E-mail As Plain Text
307999 OL2002: VBA Events May Not Work After Print Preview
308004 OL2002: Command-Line Parameter -c form name Does Not Work with Turkish Regional Settings
308548 OL2002: 'Operation Failed' Message When You Try to Attach a File, or the File Is Not Attached
309491 OL2002: Outlook 2002 Raises an Exception If Mso.dll Fails to Load
309526 OL2002: Outlook Stops Responding When You Add a Contact with No E-mail Address
310642 OL2002: How to the Disable Secondary Credentials Dialog Box
311823 OL2002: Running Outlook 2002 with the 'cleanfreebusy' Switch Resets the Resource Scheduling and Delegate Settings
312013 OFFXP: Outlook MAPI Message Store Cannot Handle Free Threaded Access
312834 OL2002: The "Level1Add" Registry Key Is Missing in Outlook 2002

Additional Issues Fixed by Office XP SP1

In addition, the following issues are also fixed.

CPU Increases to 100% When Holding Down Mouse

If you hold down the left mouse button for more than a few seconds in Microsoft Outlook 2002 on a Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, the CPU utilization increases to 100 percent.

Korean Import of Internet Mail and Addresses Does Not Import

On the File menu, if you click Import and Export of Internet Mail and Addresses, and then click Next, the Outlook Import Tool does not appear.

Outlook Slows Computer Performance Due to Timer Leak

After three or more days of use, Microsoft Outlook may slow computer performance considerably due to a timer leak.

The Spelling Checker May Separate Words

If the cursor is in the middle of a misspelled word when you click either Reply or Forward, the spelling checker may separate the word into two separate words.

Arabic Outlook 2002 Subject Label Missing

When you open a new meeting request in Arabic Outlook 2002, the Subject label is missing.

Performance Degradation When Receiving from a POP Account

When you download new e-mail messages from a POP account, performance degrades as the Personal Folders get larger.

Reminders Do Not Fire As Expected

Reminders set to fire after 12:00 A.M. may not fire and the date may not advance if Outlook is not idle prior to that time.

The .ops File Type Extension Is Added to the Blocked List

The .ops file type extension is added to the blocked attachment list by default.

Outlook Sends Clear Text Password to LDAP Server

Outlook sends clear text password because the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provider uses simple binds.

Unable to Tab from Preview Pane Back to Folder List

Focus is lost when you use the TAB key to move from the By Conversation view back to Messages view when the Preview Pane is turned on.

Line Breaks Added to Message Body When Using Plain Text

Line breaks are added to the message body when you read Plain Text formatted messages.

The .mdw and .mdt File Type Extensions Are Added to the Blocked List

The .mdw and .mdt file type extensions are added to the blocked attachment list by default.

Gregorian Arabic Calendar Incorrect

In the Gregorian Arabic calendar, the months of October and December are misspelled.

Date and Time Are Always 12:00 A.M. When System Is Set to Use Hijri Calendar

If you select Use English for message headers on replies and forwards on Windows 2000 with the User Locale set to Arabic (Saudi Arabia) and the Calendar set to Hijri, the message headers show the time as 12:00 A.M when you reply or forward.

Unable to Send Messages After Reconnecting to the Network

After you disconnect from the network and then reconnect, you are unable to send messages. you receive the following error message:
Task "Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending" reported error (0x80040115):
"The operation could not be completed because you are working offline or because of an error on the network. Try to connect to the network again, and then repeat the operation."

Outlook May Stop Working if FIPSMode Is Set to 1 in Registry

If FIPSMode is set to 1 in the system registry, Outlook may crash with an "Access Violation" error.
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