List of issues that are fixed in FrontPage 2002 by Office XP Service Pack 1

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1). This article provides a summary of the issues that SP-1 fixes in Microsoft FrontPage 2002.
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How to Obtain and Install Service Pack 1

For additional information about obtaining and installing Office XP SP-1, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
307843 OFFXP: Overview of the Office XP Service Pack 1
The following FrontPage items are fixed in Office XP SP-1:

Content Appears Duplicated if Nested in Include Page Component

When you open a page containing an Include Page component and the page that is included contains a Web component, you may receive the following warning message:
The contents of a FrontPage component have been modified. These contents will be overwritten when you save this page.
If you click OK, the page appears and the content of the page is duplicated. For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
304542 FP: Warning Message and Content Appears Duplicated When Opening Page

"Is Null Or Not An Object" Scripting Error

In FrontPage, when you paste nested form text into the body of a page, and then preview the page in FrontPage or in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may receive an "Is null or not an object" error message.

"ADO Exception Caught" Error When Creating a Microsoft Access Database

When you use the Database Connection Wizard in FrontPage to create an Access database, an "ADO Exception caught" error message appears. This problem can occur on a computer running the Turkish language version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Turkish character set contains a lowercase "i" without the dot and an uppercase "I" with a dot. The error message appears if the name of the database contains the uppercase "I" without the dot.

Span Lang Tag Inserted if Keyboard and Language Do Not Match

If you set the page language to a language different from the keyboard language, any text that you type on the page is encapsulated with the following tag:
<span lang="keyboard language code">
SP-1 changes this behavior so that this tag is used only when the keyboard and page language use different code pages.

Slow Performance Connecting to a Database by Using ODBC

Performance is degraded when you connect to an Access or a Microsoft SQL Server database by using ODBC.

The FrontPage Server Extensions now convert ODBC connection strings to OLEDB, which improves data access performance.

Closing Tag Added if Opening Tag Is Followed by Comment

If a comment follows a tag that requires a closing tag (TABLE, H1, SPAN, DIV, and so on), a closing tag is inserted automatically when you save or preview the page in FrontPage. The closing tag is inserted before the comment, but only if a closing tag is not present.

Single Line Breaks Are Converted to Paragraphs on Paste or Insert

When you insert a file or paste text that contains single line breaks, the single line breaks are converted to paragraphs. For example, if you copy a selection of text containg single line breaks, click Paste Special on the Edit menu and then select the Normal Paragraphs option, the single line breaks are converted to paragraphs.

Some Tags Appear Incorrectly When Using Reveal Tags Command

When the Reveal Tags option on the View menu is selected, tags that contain more than 15 characters appear incorrectly.

Degraded Performance After Saving Modified File on Remote Web

In FrontPage, when you modify and then save a page located on a remote server, traffic to the server increases. This behavior can occur if the page contains multiple embedded images.

Files and Folders in Subweb Are Deleted When Republishing Web

When you republish a Web to a server and choose not to include the subwebs, the files and folders in the subweb located on the server are deleted.

Additional Information

For additional information about issues you may see when installing SP-1 for Office XP, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
313922 FP2002: Customized Toolbars are Reset After You Install Office XP SP-1
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