List of issues that are fixed by Office XP Service Pack 1 in Excel 2002

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1). This article provides a summary of the issues fixed in Microsoft Excel 2002 by Office XP SP-1. For additional information about how to download and install Office XP Service Pack 1, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
307843 OFFXP: Overview of the Office XP Service Pack 1
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Issues Fixed by SP-1 in Excel 2002

SP-1 fixes the issues described in the following Knowledge Base articles:
303836 Cannot access the Templates dialog box from a VBA macro in Excel 2002
306606 Description of the Excel 2002 update: October 4, 2001
307741 Description of the Office XP Activation Update: October 4, 2001
306659 FIX: Excel 2002 Series.ApplyDataLabels Method Generates Error on MFC Clients
312949 XL2002: Excel Quits Unexpectedly When You Insert Object into the Worksheet

Additional Issues Fixed by SP-1

Excel Does Not Start in Windows XP with Locale Set to Divehi

On a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer with the user language set to Divehi, Excel displays the splash screen and then quits. When you restart Excel, you receive the following error message:
Excel failed to start correctly. Do you want to start in safe mode?

Text in Control Is Reversed in Korean Excel Template

In the Korean version of Excel, the QAMgt.xlt template contains a button on which the character order of the text appears reversed, and the button outline and shading is unexpectedly displayed in white.

Unspecified Error When You Try to Retrieve Data on Oracle Server

An error occurs in non-English-language versions of Excel when you create an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection to an Oracle database. Excel attempts to open a catalog called "Default," and the provider does not support catalogs.

Excel Attempts to Free Invalid Memory Block During Recalculation

During recalculation of dependent cells, if a cell value that is used by a custom XLL is changed by outside code (such as Dynamic Data Exchange [DDE] or Automation), Excel must postpone the XLL call and again recalculate the dependent cells. Under these circumstances, if the dependent values are being passed as an array, Excel may improperly attempt to free unallocated memory because of invalid pointers, which causes the XLL code to fail.

Graph Error Message When You Edit Pie Chart Data

Microsoft Graph may generate the following error message:
Graph9.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.
This behavior occurs when you press the TAB key after you edit the legend cell of a pie chart. At this point, the chart disappears.

File in Use Error Message When You Open File with Long URL

When you open an Excel file with a URL name longer than 255 characters, you may receive an error message stating that the file is locked for editing. You do not receive this error message the first time that you open the file, but on the second and subsequent times.

Error Message When You Print from Print Preview

When you print from Print Preview, you may receive an error message similar to the following:
0x00000024 referenced memory at 0x00000024. The memory could not be read.
This behavior occurs when your workbook contains Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that uses the WorkbookBeforePrint application event to stop the printing process by setting the Cancel argument to True.

Cell Contents Are Truncated When You Use Freeze Panes

Cell contents may be not displayed correctly when you use freeze panes within an outline group. This behavior occurs if the worksheet is zoomed to a magnification other than 100 percent.

Text Box Changes in PowerPoint Charts After You Open and Close Them

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2002, when you open and close an Excel 2002 embedded chart that contains text boxes, the text boxes may disappear or appear truncated, or the font properties may change unexpectedly.

Error Message on Close After You Run VBA Macro Repeatedly

After you run a VBA macro repeatedly, you may receive an error message or Excel may stop responding (hang) when you attempt to close the macro. This behavior occurs when the user name contains more than nine characters.

Embedded Excel Chart Changes Size When You Edit It

When you edit an Excel chart that is embedded in a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document, and then you click outside of the chart to return to the host document, the chart may not return to its correct original size.
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