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How to create postcard layouts in Publisher

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Follow these steps to calculate the layout settings and then print your postcards in Microsoft Publisher.


Step 1: Decide on the card size

Decide on the size of your postcard and on the size of the paper that you'll print on. Use the following variables for your calculations.

You want to create 5" x 3" cards out of 8.5" x 11" paper. In this example, the values for your calculations are as follows:

Step 2: Determine the maximum number of cards per sheet

Use the following formula, and then round down to the nearest whole number:

A/B = N
Note N equals the maximum number of postcards per sheet.
11/3 = 3.6667, rounded down = 3

Step 3: Calculate the margins

To calculate the printing margins, use the following formulas:
Left and right margins(X-Y)/2
Top and bottom marginsA-(N*B)/2

Left and right margins(8.5-5)/2 = 1.75"
Top and bottom margins11-(3*3)/2 = 1"


To save time and paper, use the following methods either to duplicate the same postcard or to group different postcards on the same sheet of paper, depending on your needs. 

Note It's a good idea to print a test page on inexpensive paper before you print the actual postcards on card stock or other expensive paper.

Print the same postcard multiple times on one sheet of paper

Note The following steps apply to Publisher 2002 and Publisher 2003.

To create and then print the same postcard multiple times, follow these steps:
  1. On the File menu in Publisher, click Page Setup.
  2. On the Layout tab in the Page Setup dialog box, select Postcard in the Publication type list.
  3. Under Page size, change the Width setting to 5 and the Height setting to 3.
  4. Under Orientation, click Portrait.
  5. On the Layout tab, click Change copies per sheet.
  6. In the Small Publication Print Options dialog box, change the Side Margin and Horizontal Gab settings to 1.75.
  7. Change the Top Margin setting to 1.
  8. Change the Vertical Gap setting to 0, and then click OK.
  9. In the Page Setup dialog box, click OK.
  10. Create your postcard.
  11. On the File menu, click Print Preview.

Print different postcards on one sheet of paper

Note The following steps apply only to Publisher 2002.

To create and then print three different postcards on one sheet of paper, follow these steps:
  1. Start Publisher, and then create a new publication.
  2. On the Arrange menu, click Layout Guides.
  3. In the Layout Guides dialog box, change the Left and Right margin settings to 1.75.
  4. Change the Top and Bottom settings to 1.
  5. Under Grid Guides, set the Columns setting to 1 and the Rows setting to 3.
  6. In the Layout Guides dialog box, click OK.
Your publication is now set up to print three postcards on one sheet of paper. If you have already created the postcards, use the Copy and Paste commands to insert the postcards into the new publication.
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