You can't join a Skype Meeting Broadcast as an "Event team" member

When you try to join a Skype Meeting Broadcast as an Event team member by using a supported Skype for Business client that has Producer controls, you experience the following behavior:
  • You receive the following message in a yellow banner in the Skype for Business client: 
    The connection to Skype Meeting Broadcast service was lost. Attempting to reconnect...
  • The Producer controls disappear, and you can no longer change the broadcast layout or switch between modalities.
To resolve this issue, make sure that the following URLs and domains are configured to travel across all networking devices. They must be excluded from the web proxy solution to make sure that they aren't scanned and are non-proxied destinations.

https://* *
https://* *
The Skype for Business client uses the Unified Communications Web API (UCWA) for the producer controls when it participates in a Skype Meeting Broadcast as an Event team member. Many web content filtering solutions can affect the producer controls by interfering with web traffic from the Skype for Business client to the Skype Meeting Broadcast infrastructure. 

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