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How to Configure an Alcatel USB Modem from British Telecom for ADSL Connectivity in Windows 2000

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This article describes how to configure an Alcatel Universal Serial Bus (USB) modem from British Telecom for ADSL connectivity.
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To install and configure the modem:
  1. Before you connect an Alcatel ADSL USB modem to the USB port on your computer or to a USB Hub, install the driver software from the CD-ROM that is included with the modem.
  2. After you install the Alcatel drivers, connect the Alcatel USB modem to an available USB port. Windows should recognize the modem automatically and display it as a USB device in Device Manager. An additional network adapter should also appear under the Network Adapters branch in Device Manager.
  3. Verify that both lights on the Alcatel modem are green (if both lights are not green, reboot the computer). Double-click the Speedtouch connection icon on the desktop. Type your user name and password, and then click Connect. Your user name typically includes your British Telecom e-mail address plus an "hg" definition that specifies the server to which you log on (for example,

    Note that the Alcatel 1.3 drivers do not retain your password. You must type the password again for each connection attempt. If the first connection attempt does not succeed, reboot the computer.
  4. When you are connected, Microsoft Internet Explorer should start and display the Alcatel Web site. You can download the Alcatel 1.4 Speedtouch USB drivers (for Windows XP) from that Web site. Download the newer driver.
  5. After you download the new drivers, install the drivers while you are still connected to the Internet. The version 1.4 drivers automatically disconnect the existing connection and upgrade the previously installed drivers.
  6. After you install the version 1.4 drivers, your password is retained after you type it the first time.
  7. If you want to, you can configure Internet Explorer to use the Speedtouch connection for connecting and you can remove the Speedtouch Connection icon from the desktop.


  • The Alcatel ADSL USB modem uses 500mA as described on the British Telecom Web site. If another USB device that uses a lot of power is connected to the same USB hub, the Alcatel modem, another device, or both may not work. If you are still connected but cannot browse, check the lights on the Alcatel modem. Both should be green, although one light may flash intermittently during downloads. If both lights on Alcatel modem are off, attach the Alcatel modem as the only device on the USB port or hub.

    NOTE: If you are also using a USB mouse, you might have to test with a PS2-style mouse or by using only keyboard commands.
  • If the Alcatel modem works successfully when it is the only device on the USB port or hub, the USB port or hub may not be able to supply enough power to keep all the devices functioning correctly when other USB devices are connected to the same hub. You may need to add a powered USB hub or a USB PCI adapter.
  • If your laptop computer exhibits similar issues, verify that the laptop computer is not running on battery power and remains powered. Also, do not connect other USB devices to the laptop computer, and use either a PS2 mouse or the onboard mouse on the laptop computer.
  • On an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface-compliant computer, the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option may be selected on the Power Management tab in the properties in Device Manager for the network adapter that is installed by the Alcatel drivers. If you cannot browse the Internet after returning to your computer but both lights on the modem are still green, clearing the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box may resolve the issue.
  • If you are using an ASUS CUV4X-DLS motherboard, Windows XP may not hibernate after you make a connection by using the Alcatel modem. Before you try to make the connection, Windows XP hibernated successfully.
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