How to Distribute by Department in Canadian Payroll using Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article explains how to distribute by department in Canadian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
To distribute by department, review the following set-up:

1. Check all benefits and Income paycodes and make sure the Debit account field is filled in on the Payroll Benefit Paycode Setup –Canada window and Payroll Income Paycode Setup – Canada window.  This is a required field.

2. Also on the benefit and income paycode setup, verify the Distribute field is set to Yes . 

3. On the Payroll Employee Setup - Canada window, select the employee and click on the Distribution tab. List the departments to distribute to and the percent should add up to 100%.

4. Also on the Payroll Employee Setup - Canada window, click on the PAYCODES tab and select the paycode and click UPDATE. Verify if the Department field is filled in on the paycode or not. If so remove the department code here. 
4. Under Microsoft Dynamics GP |Tools | Setup | Payroll – Canada | Control | Control button, the ‘Account Distribution ReplacementMask’ field needs to be assigned.   Select to mask a segment(s) of your GL account structure.

5. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Payroll-Canada | Department and make sure the Replacement G/L Segment Account field is populated, with the mask showing in the same segment

6. If you wish for CPP/EI to also be distributed, this setting is at the Employer level. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to Payroll-Canada and click on Employer. Verify if the EIEmployer Portion Distribute field and CPP Employer Portion Distribute field are set to Yes. Then go to the Payroll Employee Setup-Canada window and verify the Employer Number selected for the employee . 

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By design, these types of paycodes will not distribute:

·        Vacation – Vacation dollars are distributed when the vacation amounts are accrued, not when they are paid out.  And on the accrual, only the debit is distributed.  The credit books ot the vacation payable account set in the Payroll Control Accounts-Canada window and is not distributed.

·        Banked Sick Relief code – The system will not distribute when paying out the funds.  The liability was already distributed when the amount was banked, and so will not distribute again.

·        Deduction paycodes – Deductions are not distributable.  The only work-around is to set up extensive deduction codes by department which is not ideal.

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