Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.2

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.2 is now available. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that were included in this update.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.2 build information

To determine whether your organization has this update applied, please check your Microsoft Dynamics Marketing build by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the application and choosing "About". The "Version" value listed on this page should be at or above 19.2.x and the "Database version" value listed on this page should be at or above

For the latest downloadable files related to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 - Resources for Download page.

New features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.2

Update 0.2 introduces the following features:
  • OData logs are now available: OData interactions are now tracked within a detailed log file that is downloadable within the Site Settings page.
  • Standardized KPIs for message statistics: Dynamics Marketing tracks and reports key performance indicators (KPIs) for email marketing and SMS message performance evaluation. These include both absolute KPIs (such as the total number of opens) and relative KPIs (such as the open rate, which might compute the percentage of opens in relation to the total number of messages sent). In the latest release, you can now choose to display standardized KPI rates, or to continue using the legacy calculations shown in earlier versions of Dynamics Marketing. Earlier versions of Dynamics Marketing will only calculate rates based on the total quantity sent. The new standardized KPIs are based on industry standard practice with some KPIs calculated based on the total quantity sent, and others calculated based on the total addressed, delivered, and blocked quantities.
  • Update existing contact records using imports: In previous versions of Dynamics Marketing, contact records that already existed on the instance were excluded from imports automatically. In the latest release it is now possible to select whether matching records should be updated, or continue to be excluded during the import process.
  • Improved scheduler delay for automated campaigns: The scheduler that is used in automated campaigns can now be scheduled to delay between tiles based on hours (minimum two hours). In previous versions it was only possible to delay using days. It is still possible to use multi-day, fixed date, and repeating schedulers.
  • Direct links for digital assets: The URL for the file maintenance page is now available in file metadata. The URL can now be easily copied and shared with collaborators to prepare, create, and approve digital assets. If the file is available to download externally (i.e. it is stored in a published library) the direct link for download is also shown on the file maintenance page. In previous versions the URLs were only available in the file window, or using the Files drop-down menu for specific entities that use files.
  • Sorted drop-down lists: To improve the time it takes to locate options in relatively long lists, alphabetized sorting has been applied to the following lists:
    • Query builder for dynamic lists
    • Dynamic-field selector for marketing emails
    • Customized-column selection for contact list
  • Discontinued custom SMTP server configuration: Dynamics Marketing uses SMTP to send internal emails such as alerts and approvals. In previous versions of Dynamics Marketing the option to configure a custom SMTP server was available so that customers could utilize an SMTP server of their choice. In the latest release, this configuration option has been removed and the available SMTP server is maintained by Microsoft.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.2

Update 0.2 resolves the following issues:
  • Values for the Company Code field are not synchronized between Dynamics Marketing and Dynamics CRM.
  • Filtering NULL values for custom fields completes slowly.
  • Sorting records by columns using the "View My" view may not work sort under some conditions.
  • "Campaign" and "CampaignId" values are not populated in the Events table using OData.
  • Contacts created using the SDK that share External ID values may be created as duplicates.
  • Approval due dates and approval email time stamps do not reflect the personal time zone preference for each user.
  • Available value selections using the multi-selector for email messages are limited to a low quantity in Lead Scoring Model rules.
  • Thumbnails for PDF documents that contain both Portrait and Landscape orientated pages do not show all content.
  • Scheduler validation messages for automated campaigns appear twice under some conditions.
  • Event Attendance renders slowly within the application.
  • Saving Location values for Campaigns fails without warning when the allocation percentage is not equal to 100%.
  • Values submitted for "Yomi Company Name" are not saved when submitted through Landing Pages.
  • Changes to Contact details submitted through Landing Pages are not synchronized to Dynamics CRM.
  • SDK permissions shown on the Integration Options page are incorrect under some conditions.
  • Saving Account Reconciliations without populating a value for the Statement Date deselects previously selected transactions.
  • Yomi fields on Landing Pages do not populate information that was entered while selecting "Remember my information."
  • Values for Priority fields on the Task entity are not synchronized between Dynamics Marketing and Dynamics CRM when using languages other than English.
  • Opening the Lead Performance Widget on an instance where Leads are not populated causes the application to crash.
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