PRB: Cannot Modify Backup Network Share After You Change the Transaction Log Backup Folder

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For a database that is configured to ship logs (Log Shipping) to another server, the Properties dialog box of the Database Maintenance Plan on the primary server permits you to change the transaction log backup location.

After you change the transaction log backup location, the Log Shipping Copy Job that runs on the secondary server still searches for backup files in the old network share.

Currently, there are no dialog boxes available that permit you to modify the network share to point to the new backup location.
This is a limitation of the Log Shipping graphical user interface.

To work around this problem, use the appropriate workaround for your Log Shipping scenario:

  • If the new destination folder is on the same computer as the old destination folder, remove the old share, and then share the new folder with the same share name.
  • If the new destination folder is on a different computer than the old destination folder, backup the msdb database on all secondary servers, and then run the following query on all secondary servers to modify the msdb..log_shipping_plans table:
    -- This code manually modifies the source_dir path in-- the msdb..log_shipping_plans table.-- Update the source_dir path to match your environment.USE msdbGOUPDATE log_shipping_plans SET source_dir = '\\new_computer_name\new_sharename' WHERE source_dir = '\\old_computer_name\old_sharename'						
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