"Could not connect to public folder server" error in Sync Issues in Outlook

Consider the following scenario:
  • Microsoft Outlook is configured to use cached mode to connect to a mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • There are no public folders in the Exchange environment.
  • In the Sync Issues folder in Outlook, one of the following error messages is displayed. These error messages may appear several times per day.

    Could not connect to public folder server.

    Could not connect to public folder server.

For example, these error messages may appear in a context that resembles the following:

Screenshot of the error message in Sync Issues

This issue may occur when an item is added to the mailbox, and this item represents a new message class for the mailbox. When this behavior occurs, Outlook tries to download the form for this new message class from the Organizations Forms Library in Public Folders. However, no public folders exist in your environment.
You can safely ignore these messages in the Sync Issues folder.
More information
If you create a public folder in your environment, this error will no longer occur.

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Outlook 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2010

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