HOW TO: Create a Personal Dashboard in SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Service Pack 1

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This article describes detailed steps to create a new personal dashboard in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.
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Set Permissions

To create a personal dashboard, the user must have the role of author or coordinator.
To set permissions, perform these steps:
  1. Open the workspace by opening the Web folder in My Network Places.
  2. In the workspace, right-click the Dashboard folder, and then click Properties.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Clear the Use parent folder's security settings check box.
  5. Click Add, click one or more users to add to the workspace, and then click OK.
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To Create a Personal Dashboard

To create a personal dashboard, perform these steps:
  1. Move to the home page of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. For example, http://SharePointServerName/Workspace
  2. Click Management.
  3. Click Create a new personal dashboard, and then provide a name, caption, and description of the new dashboard.
  4. Specify if you want to refresh the dashboard automatically.
  5. If you click Yes, specify the number of seconds before the dashboard is to refresh under the Refresh this dashboard automatically heading.
  6. If you want to, select a style sheet from the drop-down menu under the Use this style sheet heading.
  7. Click Save to exit the Dashboard Creation page.
The new personal dashboard page opens. Use the Content, Layout, and Settings links at the top of the page to modify the name, add Web Parts, configure dashboard and Web Part settings, and to configure the layout of Web Parts for the new sub-dashboard.
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To Delete a Personal Dashboard

You can only delete personal dashboards from the Web folder for the workspace in which the personal dashboards are stored. You cannot delete personal dashboards from the dashboard site of the workspace.
To delete a personal dashboard, perform these steps:
  1. In Microsoft Windows 2000, open Web folders, and then double-click a Web folder that links to the workspace.
  2. In the workspace, double-click the Dashboards folder.
  3. Right-click the folder for the specific dashboard that you want to delete, and then click Delete.
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  1. If you do not locate the Create a new personal dashboard link; enable the link in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. To do this procedure, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q291831.For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    291831 SPS: Enable Creation of Personalized Dashboards from the Dashboard Site Home Page
  2. You do not have enough permission to create a personal dashboard if you receive an "Access Denied" error message after you click Save. Set the permission by following the steps in the "Set Permissions" section.
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