Meetings created from iOS in certain time zones are not delivered to attendees

When a user creates a meeting from an iOS device the meeting request may not be received by the attendees or attendees may receive a meeting request with an ICS attachment. This issue only occurs when the iOS device is configured for certain time zones.

The ICS file that's created by the iOS client contains an RDATE for daylight time settings and an RRULE for the standard date settings. The following example shows these settings:
Exchange throws the following exception when the same property isn't used by both settings when the attendee attempts to synchronize the Inbox for the meeting request:
SyncCommand_GenerateResponsesXmlNode_AddChange_ConvertServerToClientObject_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.ChangeTrackingItemRejectedException: No changes were detected for this item.   at Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.ChangeTrackingFilter.Filter(XmlNode xmlItemRoot, Nullable`1[] oldChangeTrackingInformation)   at Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.MailboxSyncCommand.ConvertServerToClientObject(SyncCollection collection, ISyncItem syncItem, XmlNode airSyncParentNode, SyncOperation changeObject)   at Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SyncCommand.GenerateCommandsXmlNode(SyncCollection collection)

You can work around this issue by using one of the following:


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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Standard

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