List of Windows 2000 Distributed File System Event Log Messages (14300-14599)

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This article contains a list of event messages that may be logged by Microsoft Distributed file system (DFS). This article lists server-side, client-side, and DFS event message codes 14300 through 14599, and lists their corresponding descriptions.
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Server-Side (DFS.sys) Errors (14300-14399)

ID     Severity       Symbolic Name                   Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14300  Error          EXTRA_EXIT_POINT                An extra ExitPoint <ExitPoint> was found                                                      at server <Server name>14301  Error          MISSING_EXIT_POINT              The ExitPoint <ExitPoint> was missing at                                                       server <Server name>14302  Error          MISSING_VOLUME                  The Volume <volume name> was missing at server                                                       <Server name>  14303  Error          EXTRA_VOLUME                    The extra Volume <Volume name> was found at                                                       server <Server name>14304  Error          EXTRA_EXIT_POINT_DELETED        The extra ExitPoint <ExitPoint> was deleted                                                       successfully from the server <Server name>14305  Error          EXTRA_EXIT_POINT_NOT_DELETED    Unable to delete the extra ExitPoint <ExitPoint>                                                       at the server <Server name>14306  Error          MISSING_EXIT_POINT_CREATED      The missing ExitPoint <ExitPoint> was created                                                       at the server <Server name> successfully14307  Error          MISSING_EXIT_POINT_NOT_CREATED  Unable to create the missing Exit Point <ExitPoint>                                                      at the server <Server name>   14308  Error          MISSING_VOLUME_CREATED          Successfully created the missing volume <Volume>                                                       knowledge at the server <Server name>14309  Error          MISSING_VOLUME_NOT_CREATED      Unable to create the missing Volume <Volume name>                                                       info at server <Server name>14310  Error          EXTRA_VOLUME_DELETED            The extra Volume <Server name> info was deleted at                                                       server <Server name>14312  Error          COULD_NOT_VERIFY_VOLUMES        Since the DC <Server name> was unavailable could not                                                       verify volumes knowledge14313  Error          KNOWLEDGE_INCONSISTENCY_DETECTED  Detected Knowledge inconsistency with the volume                                                         <Volume name> at server <Server name>14314  Error          PREFIX_MISMATCH                 The local Prefix <Prefix> was represented as "<>"                                                      at remote server <Server name>14315  Error          PREFIX_MISMATCH_FIXED           The remote Prefix <Prefix> was corrected to                                                       <Prefix> at remote server <Server name>14316  Error          PREFIX_MISMATCH_NOT_FIXED       The remote Prefix <Prefix>was NOT corrected to                                                       <Prefix> at remote server <Server name>14317  Error          MACHINE_UNJOINED                The machine <Computer Name> has become unlinked from                                                       the domain Re-join the machine the machine to this domain14318  Informational  DFS_REFERRAL_REQUEST            DFS received a referral request for "<>". The return                                                       code is in the data.

Client-side DFS (Mup.sys) Errors (14400-14499)

ID     Severity       Symbolic Name                  Description------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14400  Informational  NOT_A_DFS_PATH                 The path <Path> is not a dfs path14401  Informational  LM_REDIR_FAILURE               DFS was unable to open the Lan Redir14402  Informational  DFS_CONNECTION_FAILURE         DFS was unable to open a connection to                                                      server <Server name>. The error                                                      returned is in the record data.14403 Informational   DFS_REFERRAL_FAILURE           DFS was unable to obtain a referral for                                                      "<>" from <>. The error returned                                                      is in the record data.14404 Informational   DFS_REFERRAL_SUCCESS           DFS obtained a referral for "<>" from <>14405 Informational   DFS_MAX_DNR_ATTEMPTS           DFS reached its limit of attempts of resolution of "<>"14406 Informational   DFS_SPECIAL_REFERRAL_FAILURE   DFS was unable to obtain the special referral table                                                      from <>. The error returned is in the record data14407 Informational   DFS_OPEN_FAILURE               DFS failed on open of <> directed to <>.                                                      The error returned is in the record data.

DFS Service (Dfssvc) Event Log Messages (14500-14599)

ID     Severity       Symbolic Name       Description--------------------------------------------------------------------------------14500  Informational  NET_DFS_ENUM        NetrDfsEnum received an enumeration.                                          The return code is in the record data.14501  Informational  NET_DFS_ENUMEX      NetrDfsEnumEx received an enumeration.                                          The return code is in the record data.
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