OL2000: The 'Startup' Event Is Not Invoked When You Receive the Tip of the Day at Startup

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The Startup event of the Application object in a Microsoft Visual Basic macro is not invoked when you receive the "Tip of the Day" from the Microsoft Office Assistant when you start Outlook 2000.
This problem occurs because the Startup event of the Application object in the Visual basic macro is invoked by an active frame in Outlook 2000 during startup. However, the Show tip of the Day at startup option becomes active before the Startup event of the Application object is invoked. As a result, there is not an active frame in Outlook 2000 at startup (only the Office Assistant is active), and the Startup event of the Application object in the Visual basic macro is not invoked.
To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Office 2000. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
276367 OFF2000: How to Obtain the Latest Office 2000 Service Pack
The Japanese-language version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later:
   Date         Time   Size       File name        ------------------------------------------------   26-FEB-2002  09:42  7,753,728  Outlook_admin.msp   26-FEB-2002  09:36  2,717,184  Outlook.msp				
After the fix is installed, the following files will have the listed attributes or later:
   Date         Time   Version     Size       File name        -------------------------------------------------------   05-Oct-2000  16:06       41,472  Bjablr32.dll   14-Jun-2000  10:12       61,952  Bjlog32.dll   26-Jun-2001  10:55       98,304  Bjsrch32.dll   19-Jun-2000  12:01  5.5.2652.65   713,488  Cdo.dll   15-Nov-2000  20:29    131,122  Contab32.dll   14-Jun-2000  10:14      183,808  Emablt32.dll   05-Sep-2000  08:00  5.5.3142.0    154,112  Emsabp32.dll   19-Nov-2001  09:55  5.5.3165.0    594,192  Emsmdb32.dll   26-Jun-2001  11:26  5.5.3159.0    131,344  Emsui32.dll   02-Jun-2000  03:45     86,067  Envelope.dll   26-Jun-2001  11:27  5.5.3156.0    540,944  Exsec32.dll   05-Apr-2000  12:02    192,561  Mimedir.dll   26-Jun-2001  11:29  5.5.3157.0    623,104  Msmapi32.dll   03-Aug-2000  13:16  5.5.3138.0    528,656  Mspst32.dll   31-Jan-2000  18:26    196,661  Oladd.fae   12-Jun-2000  02:05  N/A            27,421  Olsec9.chm   01-Jun-2000  02:07  N/A           254,827  Olxchng9.aw   01-Jun-2000  03:08  N/A           174,439  Olxchng9.chm   26-Jun-2001  11:32  5.5.3153.0    454,144  Omi9.dll   26-Jun-2001  11:32  5.5.3153.0    548,352  Omint.dll   26-Jun-2001  11:29  8.30.3157.0   782,608  Outex.dll   02-Jun-2000  01:00  N/A           891,656  Outlhlp9.aw   22-Feb-2002  01:18  5,337,138  Outllib.dll   14-Jun-2001  18:56  1,695,794  Outllibr.dll   24-May-2001  16:06  9.0.5324.0    348,210  Pstprx32.dll   07-Jul-2000  11:41     73,722  Rm.dll   02-Jun-2000  04:30     65,586  Sendto9.dll				

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
This problem was first corrected in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP-3).

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