Legacy Adxstudio Portals and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portals Supportability

On September 28th, 2015, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Adxstudio Inc., the developers of Adxstudio Portals. Following the acquisition, Microsoft has continued to develop the portal application, releasing version 8.x as an optional portal add-on for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1.

With the availability of version 8.x, the supportability for previous releases of the portal application has changed. Support for all versions of the portal application is defined below:

  • All portal add-on deployments running version 8.x or higher (starting with CRM 2016 Update 1 and above) are supported by Microsoft through an organization's existing Dynamics CRM Online support contract. Customers can open support cases for version 8.x portal add-on deployments through the same methods as they would open a normal Dynamics CRM Online support case.
  • All legacy Adxstudio Portals deployments on version 7.0.0018 through version 7.0.0022 will continue to be supported on Dynamics CRM 2015, Dynamics CRM 2016, and Dynamics 365. All support cases for legacy Adxstudio Portals deployments within this version range are required to be opened through the pay-per-incident process either by direct payment or as an MPN Gold incident via http://support.microsoft.com (click here for Adxstudio Portals support, specifically). Support for portal deployments in this version range is not provided through an organization's existing Dynamics CRM Online support contract, even if the deployment is within Dynamics CRM Online.

    Note: Microsoft Premier Support contracts are not valid for support on any legacy Adxstudio Portals deployments (version 7.x and below).
  • All legacy Adxstudio Portals deployments on version 7.0.0017 and below are unsupported on any version of Dynamics CRM. To reach a supported state, organizations with an Adxstudio Portals deployment on version 7.0.0017 or below must upgrade to version 7.0.0018 or higher and ensure that the associated Dynamics CRM organization is running Dynamics CRM 2015 or higher (including Dynamics 365). Instructions for upgrading to version 7.x can be found on the legacy Adxstudio Community website.
  • Installing a version 7.x or lower portal in a Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 organization that already contains a version 8.x portal is unsupported and highly discouraged as it can lead to a loss of functionality and may render the version 8.x portal unable to be upgraded at a later date. Likewise, installing a version 8.x portal in a Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 organization that already contains a version 7.x or lower portal is also unsupported. More information regarding upgrades for existing version 7.x portals will be provided at a later date.
  • All legacy Adxstudio products and solutions not available through the Adxstudio Installer interface are unsupported. This includes the standalone Adxstudio Productivity Pack and the ALM Toolkit. Additionally, only those solutions available through the Adxstudio Installer following the release of Adxstudio Portals version 7.0.0018 (July 8th, 2015) and used in conjunction with a portal website are supported.
To determine the version of a currently deployed portal, please reference this KB article.

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