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A Headless WCELoad Update Is Available

This article was previously published under Q317803
This article has been archived. It is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated.
On a Windows CE 3.0 platform that does not have graphical user interface (GUI) capability, the WCELoad component causes a platform build not to succeed.
The WCELoad utility depends on GUI components.
A supported software update is now available from Microsoft as Windows CE 3.0 Core OS QFE Q317803. To resolve this problem immediately, click the following article number for information about obtaining Windows CE Platform Builder and core operating system software updates:
837392 How to locate core operating system fixes for Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder products
The English version of this package should have the following file attributes or later:
   Size      File name   -----------------------------------------   260,440   020424_arm720_wce30-q317803.exe   264,536   020424_ppc403_wce30-q317803.exe   264,536   020424_ppc821_wce30-q317803.exe   264,536   020424_r3000_wce30-q317803.exe   264,536   020424_r4100_wce30-q317803.exe   256,344   020424_r4111_wce30-q317803.exe   264,536   020424_r4300_wce30-q317803.exe   260,440   020424_sa1100_wce30-q317803.exe   260,440   020424_sh3_wce30-q317803.exe   260,440   020424_sh4_wce30-q317803.exe   260,440   020424_thumb_wce30-q317803.exe   256,344   020424_x86_wce30-q317803.exe				
The English version of this fix should contain the following files, with the listed file attributes or later:
   Date         Time   Size    File name     Platform   -------------------------------------------------------------   26-Mar-2002  10:25  64,095  Wceldcmd.exe  arm\arm720\debug   26-Mar-2002  10:23  43,104  Wceldcmd.exe  arm\arm720\retail   15-Mar-2002  15:58  63,071  Wceldcmd.exe  SA1100\debug   15-Mar-2002  15:49  42,592  Wceldcmd.exe  SA1100\retail   15-Mar-2002  01:37  69,215  Wceldcmd.exe  R3000\debug   15-Mar-2002  01:31  47,712  Wceldcmd.exe  R3000\retail   15-Mar-2002  04:02  69,215  Wceldcmd.exe  R4100\debug   15-Mar-2002  03:56  47,712  Wceldcmd.exe  R4100\retail   15-Mar-2002  06:26  48,735  Wceldcmd.exe  R4111\debug   15-Mar-2002  06:21  38,496  Wceldcmd.exe  R4111\retail   15-Mar-2002  08:49  69,215  Wceldcmd.exe  R4300\debug   15-Mar-2002  08:44  47,712  Wceldcmd.exe  R4300\retail   15-Mar-2002  11:13  67,679  Wceldcmd.exe  PPC403\debug   15-Mar-2002  11:07  47,200  Wceldcmd.exe  PPC403\retail   15-Mar-2002  13:35  66,655  Wceldcmd.exe  PPC821\debug   15-Mar-2002  13:30  46,176  Wceldcmd.exe  PPC821\retail   14-Mar-2002  20:44  55,900  Wceldcmd.exe  SH3\debug   14-Mar-2002  20:38  38,493  Wceldcmd.exe  SH3\retail   14-Mar-2002  23:12  55,900  Wceldcmd.exe  SH4\debug   14-Mar-2002  23:06  38,493  Wceldcmd.exe  SH4\retail   26-Mar-2002  10:29  48,737  Wceldcmd.exe  thumb\arm720\debug   26-Mar-2002  10:27  36,450  Wceldcmd.exe  thumb\arm720\retail   14-Mar-2002  18:16  53,853  Wceldcmd.exe  i486\debug   14-Mar-2002  18:10  33,886  Wceldcmd.exe  i486\retail				
To install and use this update:
  1. Install the QFE package. This package includes the Wceldcmd.exe component, which is a non-GUI version of the Wceload tool.
  2. Edit the \Public\Common\Cesysgen\Makefile file:
    1. Locate the line where 'wceload' appears.
    2. Add 'wceldcmd' as another item in the dependency list.
  3. Edit the \Public\Common\Oak\Misc\Common.bib file:
    1. Locate the SYSGEN section for WCELOAD. This is marked by the @CESYSGEN IF CE_MODULES_WCELOAD marker.
    2. Insert the following section after the corresponding ENDIF line for the WCELOAD section:
      ;@CESYSGEN IF CE_MODULES_WCELDCMD    wceload.exe    $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\wceldcmd.exe              NK; @CESYSGEN ENDIF						
      Note that it is not an error that Wceload.exe appears in this new section.

  4. Edit the Cesysgen.bat file for your project. This file is located in the \Public\Projectne\Wince300\Misc folder.
    1. Locate the line that sets CE_MODULES to contain the value "wceload".
    2. Change 'wceload' to 'wceldcmd'.
    3. Close and then reopen the workspace in Platform Builder.
  5. Repeat step 4 for any other projects for which you want to use the new headless WCELoad component. Projects that must use the original WCELoad component will still build using the old setting. The feature will always be named Wceload.exe after it is installed on the device.
  6. Perform a clean build, and then build the platform.


If both 'wceldcmd' and 'wceload' are selected in the component list (by using the Cesysgen.bat file), a build error occurs at the MakeImage stage:
ERROR: Duplicate entry for module wceload.exe
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.
headless CAB wceldcmd

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