The Online Services Sell Incentives payment that I received is inaccurate

This article explains how incentives in Online Services Advisor Sell program are calculated and details out restrictions for partner eligibility to receive incentives.
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Please remember about the following eligibility requirements and rules in calculating incentives.

· MPN ID, MOSPA, CSA Enrollment (for CRM Online only) should be active.

· FY16 Incentives for Office 365 services are calculated on different fee types (Sell, Manage and Accelerator) and rates vary by fee type (Sell=8%; Manage=3%; Accelerator=4%).

· FY16 Fee rates for CRM Online services differ from Office 365.        

o    CRMOL under EA/CASA/EES: Sell=26%; Manage=4% No Accelerator fee for all CRMOL products

o    CRMOL under MOSA: Sell=12%; Manage=3%; Accelerator=3%

· The incentive rates are constant and do not change or increase regardless of how many seats a partner has sold to its customers.

· Fees are calculated on the 25th day of each month. Clients added after the 25th, depending on the subscription type, will be included on the next month’s incentive calculation. 

· Certain government entities of some countries do not qualify for Online incentives. Partners may not earn Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell Incentives for subscriptions involving Public Sector customers if the customer resides in one of the restricted countries listed in the Public Sector Country Ineligibility List, located on MPN at        

· You might receive separate fee statements depending on the active MPN ID that is earning in your organization. Each partner ID is treated as an individual location, in order to support organizations selling Online licenses from multiple offices.        

· Please be advised that fee statements can also be checked online through a portal—which is known as Partner Incentives Reporting Analytics (PIRA). The report is named as Program Detail Report.

· Make sure that your customer’s subscriptions are associated with your account within 90 days from when you initially sold the seats to your customers. If 90 days have exceeded, there will be no back-payment of incentives and you will only start earning incentives from the exact date to when your organization has been associated to your customer’s subscription/s.        

· Customer’s subscriptions are attached to each of your MPN IDs depending on where it is associated. Please be informed that when a Partner account is created, two MPN IDs are created. Specific Customers can be set up under different MPN IDs for tracking purposes. You are free to use only one and you may want to utilize one MPN ID because it subject to rules individually. Customers have to set up their POR association through the Office Customer Portal.        

· You can earn up to an incentives limit of $100,000 USD (or the equivalent in local currency) per MOSA/Web-Direct subscription per partner from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

o    This limit applies across combined Sell, Manage, and Accelerator Incentives for Microsoft Online Services subscriptions.

o    There is no incentives limit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Incentives.

· All new subscriptions are subject to the 30-Day Seat Churn Rule. The POR starts earning Sell, Accelerator, and Manage incentives from the day of purchase but the payment will be contingent on the subscription remaining current for at least 30 days           

· Transactions will not be paid in the instances where a customer is also a registered Microsoft partner--- this specifically pertains to a Partner being a Delegated Admin in the Office Customer Portal.

· For CRM Online incentives, Microsoft extends the payment period, by six months, on Partner of Record established via the manual Online Services Advisor (OSA) form. This will enable your partner to continue to earn OSA Sell Manage Incentives for CRM Online subscriptions attached via the manual Online Services Advisor (OSA) form. The extension deadline of December 2015 has now been further extended to June 2016         .

Instances where partners are not eligible to earn and receive incentives:

·   Partners in markets where Microsoft Online Services are not available will not be eligible for Online Services Advisor Sell Incentive, regardless of where the sale occurs.

·  Microsoft Online Services purchased by the partner and partner affiliate, or services belonging to Microsoft or Microsoft’s affiliates, are not eligible for the Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell Incentives.

· Partners paying on behalf of customers for products ordered under a MOSA/Web-Direct subscription will not earn incentives for Online Services.        

If you are seeing a “0%” percentage or “X” in your account’s fee statement, it may one of the above-mentioned reasons.

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