How to Read an OSU Incentive Fee Statement

This article enumerates the information that can be seen in your Online Services Usage incentives fee statement.
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Each month, if Partner was able to meet all eligibility requirements and reach the minimum threshold, Online Services Usage Incentives partners will receive an incentive fee statement that details the customer subscriptions that have earned incentives for that month. There are two emails that will be sent to the Primary Partner Contact’s email address listed in Partner Dashboard: (1) copy of incentive fee statement in Excel file that is password-protected and (2) an email that contains password to open the fee statement.

Please see below sample details that can be seen on a fee statement.

Field Definition: 
Column NameDefinition
Incentive Details 
Partner NamePartner's Company Name in Microsoft Partner Network
Partner MPN IDPartner's Microsoft Partner Network ID
Earnings PeriodIncentive payment period, covers months from first calculation month to current calculation month.
ProgramOnline Services Usage
ManageIncentives for Current Seats
UsageIncentives for Usage
Total Incentives EarnedSum total of all types of incentives earned during Period (Usage, Manage)
AdjustmentsAny sum that has been added or subtracted in the earning period to comply with pre-defined Incentive Rules
Incentives PaidTotal amount paid to partner during the earnings period
Payment CurrencyCurrency for Payment Paid
Payment IDIdentifier for Payment Record.  Unique per Earnings Period, Partner ID, and Payment Currency
Line Items 
Payment TypeIncentive type: Usage, Manage, Adjustment
Report PeriodMonth Calculation/Snapshot Period
Customer NameCustomer's Company Name
EA Agreement IDEnterprise Agreement (EA) number generated  when Agreement is signed
Subscription IDInternal Microsoft Customer Subscription number generated when order is placed.
POR Attach DateDate on which Partner was associated as Partner of Record on Subscription
Product NameDefinition of Product
SKUProduct Code
WorkloadA Workload is the level at which usage is measured for a SKU. For example, Office 365 E3 will have 3 workloads (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Skype for Business), with the usage for each measured independently.
Current Deployed SeatsCurrent aggregate deployed seat count for EA/Product.  Used for managed calculation only.
UsageThe number of Active Entitlements per workload
Percent IncentiveIncentive (%)
EA Rate Card in Partner CurrencyThe value of the deployed seat to be calculated, as shown in Appendix Chart D, in the Online Advisor Incentive guide.
Agreement Start DateStart Date of the Enterprise Agreement (EA)
Agreement End DateEnd Date of the Enterprise Agreement (EA)
Incentives EarnedHow much Incentive the Partner earns for line item
AdjustmentAmount associated with Manual Adjustment
CommentComment associated with Manual Adjustment

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