How does a Customer associates a Partner using Digital Partner of Record Association (DPOR) process in Sell Program?

This article provides a step-by-step procedure on how a Customer associates their chosen Partner that is enrolled under Online Sell Program using DPOR process done in the Office Customer/Intune Account Portal to be the Partner of Record on the licenses that they have purchased.
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A customer may designate only one partner per subscription. Once the partner has been associated and recognized as the Online Services Sell POR and have sold a number of Office 365 and/or CRM services, a partner may begin earning incentives. Customer can remove the POR at any time by deleting the MPN ID and clicking the check button. Partner receives an email when a customer adds or removes them as POR.

Steps for partner to be added in the Office Customer Portal

The customer first signs into the Office Customer Portal ( using their Office 365 ID and then will:

1. Select Billing from the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Select Subscriptions (sub menu option under Billing).

3. Select the applicable Cloud service.

4. Select Add partner of record from the “More Actions” dropdown.

Note: The POR on a subscription is selected and set up by the Customer.

5. Once the Partner Information pane appears, Customer enters their Partner’s MPN ID in the Microsoft Partner ID field. (Image 1)

6. Customer selects Check ID. (Image 2)

7. If the correct Partner information displays, Customer selects it and then select Submit. (Image 3)

8. Currently the customer can only verify that their chosen Partner is associated to their account by returning to the “More Actions” dropdown and selecting Edit Partner of Record. The most recent MPN ID associated with the subscription will be displayed in the MPN ID field.

9. Partner receives confirmation email that they are successfully added.

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