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Password isn’t synced from Azure AD to the local on-premises directory after the password is changed or reset

When a password reset or a password change action is performed, the password isn't synchronized from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to the local on-premises directory when using Azure AD Connect.

Additionally, you or your users may see the following message, or the password will not write back to your on-premises directory:
Your request could not be processed

We're sorry but we cannot reset your password at this time. This is due to a temporary connectivity issue, so if you try again later, resetting your password may succeed. If the issue persists, please contact your admin to reset your password for you.
This issue can occur for many reasons. The following is a list of known causes:
  • Prerequisites are not met for password writeback.
  • Permissions are not set up correctly for password writeback.
  • The password reset agent in Azure AD Connect isn't running.
  • Ther's a network connectivity issue between the password reset service in Azure AD and your local environment where Azure AD Connect is running. 
Before you troubleshoot the issue, it's important to know which scenarios allow password writeback. The following table lists scenarios in which password writeback occurs and doesn't occur.
Scenario Password writeback 
Users who perform self-service password reset through https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.comYes
Admins who perform self-service password reset through https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.comYes
Password change in My Apps or in Office 365 portalYes
Admins who perform password resets by using the Azure Management PortalYes
Admins who perform password resets by using the Office 365 admin centerNo
Passwords at new user creation through Azure Management Portal, Office 365 admin center, or Azure AD PowerShell ModuleNo
Admins who use the Set-MsolUserPassword cmdlet by using the Azure AD PowerShell ModuleNo
To resolve this issue, see the "Troubleshoot Password Writeback" section of How to troubleshoot Password Management.

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