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Dependencies for Functionalities and Scripts of Exchange 2000 Management Pack

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This article describes which Exchange 2000 Management Pack script-based rules require configuration, a domain service account, or a test mailbox to function.

Note The information in this article does not apply to Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1).
  • Utility scripts that support core functionalities are shown in italics.
  • Most of the Exchange 2000 Management Pack does not require a domain service account for the MOM agent. Instead, they work on a local computer, and this is the default setting.
Script NameRule NameProcessing Rule GroupRequires Domain Service AccountRequires test MailboxRequires Other ConfigurationDependencies of This Script
Exchange 2000 - Check mailbox store state.Check for unmounted mailbox store.Database Mounted CheckNoNoNoWMI,CDOEXM
Exchange 2000 - Check test mailbox existence for MAPI logon.Check agent mailbox existenceMAPI Logon CheckYesNoNoNeeds "Exchange 2000 - Check server availability through MAPI logon" script running
Exchange 2000 - Check server availability through MAPI logonCheck mailbox store availability - MAPI logon test.MAPI Logon CheckYesYesNoWMI, CDO, LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Check local disks free spaceCheck free disk space.Monitor Free Disk SpaceNoNoMay need to set custom thresholdsWMI, LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Verify remote Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) queues.Verify remote SMTP queues.Monitor SMTP Remote QueuesNoNoNoWMI, LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Collect Mailbox Statistics.Report Collection - Mailbox StatisticsReport Collection ScriptsYesYesNoWMI, COM objects from, Mcexchdg.dll
Exchange 2000 - Collect Public Folder Statistics.Report Collection - Public Folder Statistics.Report Collection ScriptsYesYesNoWMI, COM objects from, Mcexchdg.dll
Exchange 2000 - Collect Operating System Server Information.Report Collection - Windows 2000 Server Configuration InformationReport Collection ScriptsNoNoNoWMI
Exchange 2000 - Collect database size per serverReport Collection - Database Size per ServerReport Collection ScriptsNoNoNoWMI.LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Collect Server Information.Report Collection - Exchange 2000 Server Configuration Information.Report Collection ScriptsNoNoNoWMI,LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Collect Message Tracking Log Statistics.Report Collection - Message Tracking Log DataReport Collection ScriptsNoNoMust have message tracking enabledWMI, COM objects from, Mcexchdg.dll
Exchange 2000 - Collect number of mailboxes per serverReport Collection - Number of Mailboxes per Server.Report Collection ScriptsNoNoNoWMI,LDAP
Exchange 2000 - Check service(s) stateService verification. Check services script.Verify Exchange ServicesNoNoMust set registry keyWMI
Exchange 2000 - Check 'services to monitor' registry key.Service verification. Check Services to Monitor registry keyVerify Exchange ServicesNoNoNon/a
Exchange 2000 - Mail flow sender.Send mail flow messages.Verify Mail Flow YesYesMust set mail flow sender registry keyWMI,CDO
Exchange 2000 - Mail flow receiver.Receive mail flow messages.Verify Mail Flow YesYesMust set mail flow recipient registry keyWMI,CDO
Exchange 2000 - Verify required Windows hotfixes.Verify required Windows hotfixes.Verify Windows hotfixesNoNoNeed to specify required hotfixesWMI

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