Description of the Word 2002 Update: June 19, 2002

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Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Word 2002. This article describes security updates and other issues that are corrected in this update.

NOTE: This Public Update is part of the Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 2 (SP-2), but for your convenience the Public Update also is available individually, as described in the "More Information" section of this article. If you already applied Office XP SP-2, you do not have to apply this Public Update. For additional information, click the article number bout the latest service pack for Microsoft Office XP below to view the article bout the latest service pack for Microsoft Office XP in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
307841 OFFXP: How to Obtain the Latest Office XP Service Pack

How to Download and Install the Update

Client Update

If you installed Office XP from a CD-ROM, you have two options:
  • Use the Office Product Updates Web site to automatically install all of the latest updates that includes all available Service Packs and Public Updates.

  • Install only Public Update by using the steps described later.
Both options require that you have your Office XP CD-ROM available throughout the installation process.

Office Product Updates

To have the Office Product Updates Web site detect the required updates that you must install on your computer, visit the following Microsoft Web site: After detection is complete, you receive a list of recommended updates for your approval. Click Start Installation to complete the process.

Install Only Word 2002 Update

This update requires that Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1) be installed. For additional information about obtaining and installing Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1), click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
307843 OFFXP: Overview of the Office XP Service Pack 1

Follow these steps to download and install the client update:
  1. Visit the following Microsoft Web site:

    Click here to download the Client Update
  2. Click Download Now. Click Save this program to disk, and then click OK.
  3. Click Save to save the Wrd1004.exe file to the selected folder.
  4. In Windows Explorer, double-click Wrd1004.exe.
  5. If you are prompted to install the update, click Yes.
  6. Click Yes to accept the License Agreement.
  7. Insert your Office XP CD-ROM when you are prompted to do so, and then click OK.
  8. When you receive a message that indicates the installation was successful, click OK.
NOTE: After you install the public update, you cannot remove it.

For more information about the Client Patch, click the link below for the Office Tools on the Web article.

Administrative Update

If you installed Microsoft Word 2002 from a server location, the server administrator must update the server location with the administrative public update and deploy that update to your computer.

If you are the server administrator, follow these steps to download the administrative update:
  1. Visit the following Microsoft Web site:

    Click here to download the Administrative Update
  2. Download the file to your desktop.
  3. In Windows Explorer, double-click the Wrd1004a.exe file.
  4. Click Yes to accept the License Agreement.
  5. In the Please type the location where you want to place the extracted files box, type c:\wrd1004a, and then click OK.
  6. Click Yes when you are prompted to create the folder.
  7. Click Start, and then click Run. Type the following command in the Open box:

    [start] msiexec /p [path\name of update MSP file] /a [path\name of MSI file] SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb /L*v [path\name of log file]
  8. To deploy the update to the client workstations, click Start and then click Run. Type the following command in the Open box:

    start msiexec /i [path to updated .msi file on the administrative image] REINSTALL=WORDFiles REINSTALLMODE=vomus /q
For additional information about how to update your administrative installation and deploy to client workstations, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
301348 How to install a public update to administrative installations of Office XP
This article contains standard instructions for installing an administrative public update.

Alternatively, see the following article in the Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit:

How to Determine Whether the Public Update Is Installed

The Word 2002 Update: June 19, 2002 affects the Winword.exe file. The Word 2002 Update: June 19, 2002 updates the version of Microsoft Word 2002 to version 10.0.4109. In Microsoft Word, click About Microsoft Word on the Help menu to determine the version that is on your computer.

NOTE: If the Word 2002 Update: June 19, 2002 is already applied to your computer, you receive the following message when you try to install the Word 2002 Update: June 19, 2002:
This update has already been applied or is included in an update that has already been applied.

Issues Fixed by the Update

The update fixes the issues described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

294661 OAER: Word Stops Responding When You Try to Send Word Document As Attachment
316731 OFFXP: "Macros in This Project Have Been Disabled" Error Message and Vbe6.dll Error Signature When You Try to Start Word
Additionally, the following issues are fixed in this update but were previously not documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
WD2002: Security Update: Word Can Open Access Database on Web Address and Run a Macro Without Warning

If you open a HTML file received as an e-mail attachment that has been linked as a mail merge main document to a Microsoft Access data source, Word or Access may run an executable file (.exe) that may run malicious macro code or infect your computer with a virus without warning.

This patch prevents online files which are used as part of a mail merge in Word 2002 from being handled under improper security settings and potentially executing macros without warning users.
WD2002: Security Update: Embedded Object Security Dialog Box Defaults to "Yes"

When you double-click an embedded object, the Yes button in the Security dialog box is selected by default.
WD2002: Security Update: Incorrect File Length

A Word file may be read as the incorrect length.
WD2002: Security Update: File Marked as 'Not Clean' Still Opened by Word

If your antivirus software finds a file that is infected with a macro virus but the antivirus cannot clean the file, Word may still open the file and run the macros, depending on the security settings in Word.
WD2002: Punctuation and Words at the End of Sentence Are Displayed As Changed Instead of Just Words

When you do a "Legal blackline" comparison of documents, some words may be incorrectly shown as added, and some punctuation is shown as deleted.
WD2002: Ineffectual Security Policy DontTrustInstalledFiles in Office10.adm

After you apply the Office10.adm machine group policy DontTrustInstalledFiles (value of zero to trust installed add-ins), and then set the Macro Security in Word to High, when you start Word, you receive security warnings about the files Fdate.dll, Mofl.dll, Fplace.dll, Fperson.dll, Fstock.dll, and Fname.dll.
WD: Poor Performance When Repaginating a Document

Word may stop responding when the document is forced to repaginate. This problem may occur in a document containing a long paragraph (for example, a paragraph that spans several pages, the paragraph has widow control turned on, and the paragraph has many footnotes added to it.
WD: ODMA Author Field Updates Not Retained in the Document When Saved as New Document

When you save a new document from an opened document, the AUTHOR field is not updated with the new author through ODMA. Instead, the AUTHOR field retains the author information which was populated from the existing document.
WD2002: Autocorrect Settings for Plain Text Messages do not Persist Between Outlook Sessions for Plain Text Messages When Using WordMail

When you use Word as your e-mail editor, AutoCorrect settings for plain text messages do not persist between Outlook sessions. However, Autocorrect settings for HTML and Rich Text messages do persist between sessions.
WD: Whole Document Translated to Chinese When Single Row of Table Selected

When you use the Chinese translation tools in Word 2002 to convert a row of characters between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese contained in a table, the whole document will also be translated.
WD2002: RF-Nau-MU Font Missing from Font List

RF-Nau-MU, a popular third-party Japanese font, does not appear in the font list in Word.
WD2002: If You Press ESC in the Spelling and Grammar Dialog Box, Word May Stop Responding

Word may stop responding if you press ESC while you scroll the Dictionary language list in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
WD2002: WordMail: Reply E-Mail Increases in File Size if Embed True Type Fonts Is Turned On

If you turn on the Embed TrueType fonts option on the Save tab (on the Tools menu, click Options), Word may dramatically increase the file size of the reply e-mail message.
WD2002: Word Stops Responding in Winword.exe with FInitGlobalDot

The cause of this error is unknown at this time.
WD2002: Word Stops Responding When You Open Document

If you open a corrupted or damaged document, Word may stop responding.
WD2002: Word Stops Responding If Stylesheet Data Is Corrupted or Damaged

If the Word Stylesheet information is corrupted or damaged, Word may stop responding.
WD2002: Underline Style Name Shows Incorrectly for Visually Impaired Users

On the Font tab (on the Format menu, click Font), the Underline style list does not correctly show underline style names; making it difficult for visually impaired users to select the underline style that you want.
WD2002: Saving MHT File Causes Large File Size

If you save a document with multiple copies of the same shape and then export the file in MHTML, the size of the file will become exponentially larger with each save.
WD2002: Runtime Error Accessing the Styles Object in a Table of Contents

When you use the Paragraph.Style property in Visual Basic for Applications macro, the macro may fail with an incorrect use of SelCur.
WD2002: Visual Basic for Applications Flip Method Does Not Correctly Alter the Vertical or Horizontal Position of an Embedded Image

Certain images created in an Office 97 document and opened in either Office 2000 or Office XP, display the images flipped and inverted.
WD2002: Word May Stop Responding If Norton Antivirus is Installed

Word may unexpectedly quit when you start Word or work with a document if Norton Antivirus scanning software is installed on your computer.
WD2002: Contents of Subject Field in Lotus Notes Document Are Deleted When You Quit Word

In a Lotus Notes document that contains an embedded Word object in a rich text field, the contents of the subject field are deleted when you quit Word.
inf OFFXP fix list 10.4109.3501

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