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Session Summary

The objective of this session is to introduce developers to implementing commonly used XML functionality in applications developed using the .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The focus will be on using the classes implemented in the .NET Framework XML assemblies to address common XML-related programming tasks. This presentation will not cover the basics of XML and its related technologies (XSLT, Path, DOM, concept of XML parsers and XSD schemas). Audience familiarity with these topics will be assumed.

The following are some of the key topics that will be covered in this presentation:

  • The XML parsing models in the .NET Framework
  • Implementing pull model XML parsing in .NET applications
  • Implementing DOM parsing in .NET applications
  • Implementing common DOM-related programming routines in .NET applications
  • Validating XML documents against DTDs, XDR schemas, and XSD schemas
  • Executing XPath queries and processing the generated results
  • Executing XSLT transformations

The code samples presented in the slides of this presentation will be written using Visual Basic .NET.

This is a Level 200 session that was recorded December 18, 2001 and presented by Karthik Ravindran and Karthikeyan Ponnusamy. Karthik has been with Microsoft for a little over two years. He is a Developer Support Professional on the XML Web Database Team, and is currently functioning as the Product Support Services (PSS) MSXML Beta Product Lead. He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology and MCSD and MCP+SB (Site Builder) certifications. Karthi has been with Microsoft for two years. He is a Developer Support Professional on the XML Web Database Team, and is currently functioning as the PSS Web Database Content Lead. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering and MCSD certification.

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